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05-18-02, 05:01 pm
I need advice from whoever reads this about making an outdoor pen. With summer fast approaching I want my piggers to enjoy the sunshine! What should I make a pen out of? Does anyone know how to create a cheap and easy outdoor pen that is easy to put together and unassemble and put away? Thanks


06-14-02, 04:10 pm
How big did you want it to be? If you wanted it to be big(8feet by 8feet) you could use 2x4's and chicken wire(or something similar). 2x4's are like, $3 for an 8 foot piece, so to make an 8x8 pen would cost you $24 plus the wire, which shouldn't be all that much. However, ease of dissasembling isn't really an option there :/

07-23-02, 12:25 pm
I made one that's 6ft x 4ft with a lid but it doesn't fold away or anything and just lives on its side in the garden with a plastic sheet over it, so no good for your requirements! However, here's a 6ft x 3ft one that folds down - it's still about 9ft of course but if you have a garage, you could easily slot it away down the side. Go to www.diddly-di.fsnet.co.uk/contents.htm (http://www.diddly-di.fsnet.co.uk/contents.htm) and down to the piggy care menu (first lot of green boxes) - click on 'outside run'. There are lots of pictures of it being made so it might give you some ideas for how to go about it, if nothing else!

www.treenspigs.com/index.html (http://www.treenspigs.com/index.html)

03-28-05, 04:12 pm
I don't know how big mine is inside but. I have a barn made of scrap wood with a second level and a roof. Then I get some chicken wire and metal poles(not sure what) and stick them into the ground. My pigs seem to enjoy it!