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02-21-15, 09:28 am
Hi, I discovered this forum and have been browsing for a couple of days and decided to join. I have had my little Piggies for 2 years. My 12 year old granddaughter had them originally for a year. I got them for her when they were wee little, and they are three now. She became allergic to the hay, so they stay with me now. I think they get more spoiled at Nana's anyway! LOL :o I am enjoying the forum so far. Guinea pigs are super adorable and sweet. Mine have fleece bedding, oxbow pellets and hay, they love red and green peppers, an occasional carrot and red leaf lettuce. they love the oxbow banana and veggie treats. They sit up for their treats so cute!:love:

02-21-15, 10:16 am
Welcome to the forum

02-21-15, 10:19 am
If you can, post some pigtures!

02-21-15, 10:31 am
Welcome to the forum doodlenmoe ! We are piggy pic crazy here so we would love to see pics of the little furry ones! :-) Sounds like they are loving life with you.

02-21-15, 02:49 pm
Hello and welcome! As said above, pictures if you can. They sound like they are living a very happy life. :)