View Full Version : Knife and Inside Voice! Hello!

02-21-15, 12:42 am
Hi! I've been reading through the forums for a while and getting really good tips on cages and making pig accessories! I decided to join and show off my girls!

I got these two from someone who was moving and had to quickly rehome the pigs. Unfortunately he was not a good caretaker and I was stuck with two underweight pigs, one with a large abscess :c They're doing much better now, though! Knife (brown+orange longhair) went to the vet right away to have the abscess removed and treated. We are still doing antibiotics for her and she's doing great! They are both gaining weight well, too.


These are my first guinea pigs and I love them!!! I'm having lots of fun finding cute fleece for them, getting back into sewing to make cuddles for them, and doing floor time! They are both very sweet. Knife is the brave one and when Inside Voice is afraid she'll snuggle into her friend's side. They both love red-leaf lettuce more than anything, as well and nose rubs and butt-scratches.

I'm doing art commissions and pet portraits to help pay off the vet bills for Knife's surgery, so if anyone is interested feel free to contact me!

02-21-15, 02:16 am
Hi, welcome to the forum! Your piggies are adorable :)

02-21-15, 06:44 am
Hello and welcome. You have found a great place to learn about piggies and an awesome place to show off your sweeties...they are both adorable!!! :)

02-21-15, 07:54 am
Such cute piggies! Welcome!

02-21-15, 08:20 am
They are really adorable pigs and it's so sweet that they are so bonded. I appreciate those with sewing skills. They always make such cute stuff for their pigs! :-) Were those the names they came to you with?

02-21-15, 12:32 pm
I love their names! Very unique.

02-21-15, 12:51 pm
Nope, I renamed them when they came to me. They were both kind of arbitrary but they seem to fit well since Knife has now been 'under the knife' for her surgery and Inside Voice has a very quiet squeek!

02-21-15, 04:05 pm
Oh mah gah I loe their names! haha especially Inside Voice lol My aunt has a cat named Meow Mix!

02-21-15, 04:49 pm
They are some of the cutest piggies I have seen! Glad Knife is doing better. Cute names by the way.

02-21-15, 04:51 pm
Precious! I've gotten pigs that haven't been properly taken care of myself and it is absolutely heart breaking to see them in such poor health! At least they are now with someone who will love and care for them as they deserve!

02-23-15, 10:43 am
They look like sweeties. Glad they found a great home with you!