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02-19-15, 09:36 pm
Hello! My name is Dorm.Zoo.Girl, and I'm new here.

Most original introduction ever! (Cough cough, sarcasm, cough cough!)

Anyway, I have two guinea pigs. Oddball, a black and white shorthair, is back home in Nevada with my family and their guinea pigs. I've been trying to bring her to Washington, but my parents (specifically my mother) have made the process much more difficult than it needs to be. Teddy is a black and brown Abyssinian mix with a satin belly. Long story short, I bought Teddy after someone took her sister and left her all alone at the store. Yes, I know adopting/rescuing is better, but Teddy and I just clicked. Also, I do plan to get Teddy a friend sometime soon.

Anyway, a cool thing about Teddy is that she has an extra toe on the outside of her right foot (I think the one on the left got bitten off before I got her). Does anyone else here have polydactyl piggies?

02-19-15, 11:07 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum! :)