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02-18-15, 08:52 pm
Hey Everyone,

My name is Jacob, and I live in Pennsylvania. I own one Guinea pig. This morning I owned two, but unfortunately my one girl (Honey) passed away this morning on the way home from the vet. I am devastated. I work evenings at a gym, and my eyes have been full of tears pretty much all night. I don't think people understand just how close one can get to these precious little things. My other girl, cookie, has the softest fur I've ever seen. I got the two together years ago. I've always loved Guinea Pigs, and in general love animals. I am looking forward to exploring these forums. Have a good evening everyone!

02-18-15, 09:08 pm
It's so nice to have you on the forums but so sad that we had to meet under such circumstances. My heart goes out to you for your loss of Honey. I agree with you about how attached we get to these little critters. Please give Cookie a scritch under her chin from me and my girls.
If you don't mind me asking are you located in Eastern or Western PA? I was born and raised in Western PA. I still miss living there to this day. There are many good people in PA.

02-18-15, 09:29 pm
I'm so sorry for the loss of your other piggie :( welcome aboard and keep snuggling Cookie!

02-18-15, 09:35 pm
Sorry for your loss :(

02-18-15, 10:51 pm
Kelsie - Thank you so much for your support! I just read it to my mother as well. Still balling my eyes out. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I now live in Eastern PA (Lehigh Valley)!

02-19-15, 08:12 am
Hello. I'm so sorry about the loss of Honey. I hope you and Cookie can bring each other some comfort. Welcome to the forum - you'll find plenty of sympathetic people here. (I'm in Philly, by the way, so we're practically neighbors.)

02-19-15, 08:25 am
Welcome. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm living in Pittsburgh for school at the moment. It's a great area.

02-19-15, 08:33 am
Hello and welcome :)

02-19-15, 08:42 am
RIP Honey, and welcome to the forum.

02-19-15, 09:34 am
Sorry for the loss of Honey. You now have your own personal "Piggy angel". Welcome to the site. Iam also a fellow Pennsylvanian about an hour North of Pittsburgh.