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06-30-01, 10:47 pm
Welcome to this forum!

Karas pigs
07-06-01, 09:50 am
My girls LOVE their outside grass time!! I took about 15 grids and hooked them together with cable ties to make an outdoor/indoor run that folds up. They love to eat the grass! I have a basket that I take them out in. When I get to the run, I very gently turn it on it's side while putting it in the run. The girls line up...in the basket... and start munching away! They look like little piggies all lined up at the feeding trough!!! I have to get a picture. Every time I try, they move before I get the camera! Next time I will be ready. I also use the run inside for playtime! The only downside to grass time is that the poor lawn never gets any fertilizer and looks a little tired, but oh well!

Kara and the much spoiled girlie-bops

Cavy Crazy 2001
07-06-01, 11:43 am
Razz also loves to graze around outside. She will stand still while eating the grass and won't run away, but I keep her on her leash because cats prowl around our area.

Kat and Pigs
11-04-01, 06:28 pm
I have 2 & they luv 2 eat grass. I put it in their cages though instead of letin them outside cuz our grass is really long.

09-21-02, 10:39 pm
Just one suggestion- make sure the grass is pesticide/fertilized free.

Marla TX
11-10-02, 12:39 am
Great site!!!!!!!!!!!