View Full Version : Introducing Fabio and Ringo

02-16-15, 12:05 pm

Here are our boys, Fabio and Ringo. We surprised my son (age 7) with Fabio on his birthday this past September and a week later Ringo joined the family. We built them a 6 X 2 C&C cage with an upper 2 X 2 loft. They love it! We added two cubes of fleece forest hidies that they sleep mostly - though Ringo loves his lounging couch :) They are both about 6 months old. We love these guys so much!

Looking forward to reading these forum posts.


02-16-15, 12:17 pm
They are adorable! Their cage is amazing, they must love it :)

02-16-15, 12:20 pm
Awesome set up!

Nicks Pigs
02-16-15, 12:30 pm
They are so cute and have an amazing palace! Welcome to the forum!:)

02-16-15, 04:25 pm
There adorable!!! Love your cage!!!

02-16-15, 04:46 pm
They are so beautiful, and your cage is absolutely amazing!

02-16-15, 05:18 pm
Thanks for your kind words, everyone! I've been looking at photos of all the other guinea pigs on the forum threads and honestly they are all gorgeous! I've never had a "small animal" pet before, but I've (we've) fallen hard :) They are so funny and sweet (and sometimes prickly!) and are such great pets. I'm so glad we went with a fleece liner in the new cage - SO much easier to clean and I think they find it more comfy. Glad to be here.