View Full Version : What breed is my bunny?

02-15-15, 10:35 pm
I just aquirred a bunny today and the previous owner knew very little about her besides she's up to date on shots, she's 2 years old and she's purebred. Their daughter lost interest in her so she ended up locked away in a shed and she hadnt been properly cared for for about 6 months.

I think she might be some sort of Holland lop but I don't have much experience with bunnies, so any care information would be must appreciated. Also any housibg ideas? She in a very tiny hutch at the moment and I feel so bad for her.

She's such a sweetie and so laid back. I just love her already.


02-15-15, 10:39 pm
Oh my gosh I started this in the wrong forum. So sorry I thought I clicked on the rabbit forum.

02-15-15, 10:51 pm
No worries, @Golden2404 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=28954). I moved it over to the Rabbits forum for you. :-)

Nicks Pigs
02-16-15, 08:20 am
She looks like a holland lop to me! She is such a cutie! What are her future housing plans?

02-16-15, 09:42 am
At this moment I'm not sure I'm still trying to figure that out.

02-16-15, 11:57 am
Indoors? They need a cage they can get at least 3 big hops in. They also need a few hours a day minimum of a less restricted free range time. Our bunny has 1/2 my daughters room, about 4x17, all the time but gets the entire room and an alcove when my daughter is there to supervise. You must bunny proof any space he'll get to use. Is he litter trained?

02-16-15, 01:17 pm
She will be indoors during winter but she will be mostly outdoors during the warmer weather. She's not litter trained but I'm going to start training her after I get her spayed

02-16-15, 01:44 pm
I'm no help for outdoor ideas :(