View Full Version : Meet me and my piggies!

02-15-15, 10:01 am
Hi! I am new and just signed up yesterday.
I own to piggies named Buddy and Rocky. Buddy is a caramel color with a white stripe down his face and he is dark brown and white in a few places. He has an adventurous personality but is skittish sometimes and he loves lap time. His favorite food is Carrots. I have had him for 3 years and i just got my new addition. I know, Buddy lived alone with my family and I but i just got my parents to agree on a new piggie... after 3 years of begging lol.

Rocky, the new addition is a baby (Buddy is an adult). He is black with a white patch on the top of his neck. He is a very active little guy and his favorite spot during laptime is to crawl up my shoulder and behind my neck to take a nap because it is so warm.
His favorite food is apples so far. He is also pretty fond of peppers. I hope this was detailed enough for you lol :)

02-16-15, 06:13 pm
Hi there!

Buddy and Rocky sound lovely, I'm glad Buddy got a new friend. Post some pigtures if you can, I'm new to the forum but love seeing everyone's pigs :)