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02-15-15, 12:02 am
Now that I've posted around a bit, I figured I should share the ladies in my life. I was told they are sisters but I have my suspicions that they are actually mother and daughter. They remind me of my mom and I...for better or worse :p they're fosters with Have a Heart Guinea Pig Rescue.

Vera is the color-blocked girl - because she looks like an expensive handbag and I like Vera Bradley bags! Actually, my partner named her. He knows I love purses. She has a MAJOR attitude. She's the boss, she isn't shy, she's very bold, but don't try and pet her or pick her up. She chatters, kicks, and tries to bite. But, she is curious and sniffs at everything and will eat right out of my hand so there's hope! She likes: carrots, salad (all the salad!!), raspberries, tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, and basically anything she can get her teeth on. I admit to sometimes calling her Handbag... :rolleyes:

The other one, of course, is Lorelei - the friendly more docile but easily frightened. She's named after Lorelei Gilmore...I'll let you guess which Lorelei :rolleyes: She popcorns sometimes and runs around a lot, so I think she's younger than the other despite their supposed "sister" claim. She hates raspberries but will eat jut about anything green and enjoys apples as a sometimes treat.

Enjoying a salad....


More salad while mom cleans our cage!

My first ever C&C cage - this was right after cleaning and such so it looks nice...it's kind of a mess now but it'll get a thorough cleaning again tomorrow (it's also now on a stand and the 1x2 loft is built but they won't have access until we get something for the ramp & coro for the grids - it's gonna be the kitchen!

This is Lorelei sulking on the bottom bunk after we made a valiant attempt at clipping her nails. She refused to come out until I refilled the hay bin with their brand new hay ^.^

They'll be getting fleece flippers soon (though I love this blue/white/black triangle blanket!), some cozy cups, and beds. I've only had them about a week and they were dropped off suddenly and with only a cage, food, and hay (poor quality, sadly) so it'll take some time to bring their lifestyle up to speed!

For the first time today we didn't try to take them out or have to move the cage or anything at all and I think they felt really settled - they made noise & ran zoomies and popcorned for really the first time!!!

02-16-15, 01:10 am
Welcome!! Your piggies are adorable! You did an awesome job on your cage. I bet the girls love it:)

02-16-15, 01:28 am
Oh wow, they have really beautiful colorings. ^^

02-16-15, 08:22 am
Hi, welcome to the forum! Now those are my kind of pigs! I love their colouring. Nice cage set up too, though it would be great if you could add on another grid length to make a 2 x 4. Thanks for the pics.

02-16-15, 10:24 am
Thanks everyone!

If I could have made the cage a 2x4, I would have already.

02-17-15, 10:51 am
They're adorable! Coincidentally, I also just rescued a male Texel guinea pig from Have a Heart Rescue. :)

02-19-15, 10:35 am
I love your hay rack :) Can i ask where you bought it?

Your girls are so cute!

02-19-15, 11:36 am
I love your hay rack :) Can i ask where you bought it?

Your girls are so cute!
It looks like a bent grid put vertical

02-19-15, 01:02 pm
It looks like a bent grid put vertical

Yup - it's a vertical bent grid. We now use a horizontal one (same one, just turned up) zip tied to the side of the cage bc there was a LOT more mess and waste with the vertical one.

02-19-15, 02:12 pm
Your girls are adorable!! I love the last picture, I love seeing pigs when they lay down! My boy Bacon does this cute little thing when he sleeps, kind of like an ear twitch... Great cage! I love your girls' coloring.

02-21-15, 05:55 am
Lorelei looks exactly like my Sugarpuff! (I came here to see which one it was) http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15/02/21/78f19b187ab14122885377abe5c1fb80.jpg

02-21-15, 09:57 am
Haha yup! Her coloring is a bit more sparse but that colored head and white body!

02-22-15, 05:40 am
Haha yup! Her coloring is a bit more sparse but that colored head and white body!

Yeah, when my girl was a baby she didn't have the black spreading at all. She was perfectly divided into three colors!