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02-14-15, 12:43 pm
Hello! I am just posting an intro as the website is telling me to do so! I had pigs when I was younger and about a month ago I decided I would get another, which of course means two :) I found them via Craigslist. I turned out to be allergic to them! I get a runny nose mostly, but the itching and rash I get is the worst part. I try to wear long sleeves and have benadryl cream and claritin on hand. It is very strange but the allergies seem to vary. If anyone has additional tips let me know! I am not sure there is much more I can do about it though. I use carefresh, I even rubbed hay on myself to see if that was the culpirate but it isn't the hay either.

I attached pig pictures! Blaze is black and white, Miyagi is..I am not sure what his markings are known as actually lol

02-14-15, 03:51 pm
You may actually be allergic to the hay. Try switching to orchard hay and see if things get better. I also get the rashes when I hold my pigs. The only advice I have for that is to keep wearing long sleeves and wash your hands when you're done handling the pigs. Welcome to the forum. Your pigs are adorable!!

02-14-15, 06:57 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum. For me timothy hay was the culprit. Try Orchard or Meadow grass. Btw Blaze and Miyagi are adorable boars!

02-14-15, 07:05 pm
When People are allergic to Cats its the dander that they are allergic to. If the timothy hay is not the culprit, maybe give the piggies a bath and see if that helps.