View Full Version : Today is my first day as a piggy owner and already off to a bad start

02-13-15, 01:31 am
My husband and i got two pigs today, and neither of us know a whole lot about them. We've been doing our research all day and all night but a little too late it seems. Earlier when we first got them home and went to put them in their cage, one ended up escaping from my husbands grasp and ran under the dresser. It was too heavy to move so we assumed ushering him out would be the best option but Mr. pig did not want to come out. So my husband decided to get a broom to nudge him out, all the while i was holding the flashlight so we could see underneath. We finally got him to run out and got him in his cage, but thinking about it now i feel so awful, i can only imagine how scared i would be if someone had me cornered shining a light in my face and poking a broom at me. I feel like such a bad piggy owner and this is only day one. I want my pigs to love us and be comfortable with us, but now im worried after scaring him today he might not forget what happened and now never warm up to us? I wish i would have known ahead of time how skittish they are. Any thoughts? :sad:

02-13-15, 01:47 am
Don't worry, there is no memory so bad for a guinea pig that it can't be forgotten with copious amounts of vegetables (but of course not too much in one day! they still need to eat their hay). Depending on where he came from he may not eat veggies to begin with, if that is the case have a read of this http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/105287-How-to-teach-a-guinea-pig-to-eat-vegetables

For reference guinea pigs need 1 cup of veggies per pig per day, this should mainly consist of bell pepper and lettuce (but not the iceberg variety).

Give him some time, and if he will eat veggies try getting him to take them from your hand. Also refer to this link for what veggies they can eat and how often http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/22156-READ-ME-Cavy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List

02-13-15, 01:55 am
Ah, don't blame yourself. I'm certain 80% of the members here (maybe even more) have had a rough start with their pigs.
The period which they become tame and warm up to you will entirely depend on the individual pig. I've had pigs warm up within a few weeks and one of my current pigs is just now getting used to getting stroked and she's been with us just over a year.

Just interact with them daily. Softly speak to them, attempt to get in 1 pet or fur stroke without them bolting, maybe even try being fast with your hands and capturing them. If you do capture them, hold them close, give them a kiss and safely put them back. Daily interaction with you will help them get used to you. Also having a routine.