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02-12-15, 05:45 pm
Hi there, again.

So, my family adopted two piggies on Tuesday, a momma and a baby, and named them Rogue and Rosetta!

They were great when I met them, but the 45 min drive home stressed them out so bad they have barely come out of their piggloo... I held Rosetta a bit today and she shivered and shook the whole time...but I think it's because we're still in a transitional/settling stage and I have to be patient.

Their new C&C cage was BUILT in a day, but the liner (which I wanted to make myself) has taken two whole days so far to even get halfway done...

I'm actually quite envious of the hundreds of people who just pick up their Grandmother's 100 year old Singer, which is somehow fully equipped, cut perfect fleece squares, and then sew Mona Lisas into the stitches of their perfect, first time liners. Haha.

Anyway, so far I've taken 3 yards of fleece and managed to get one salvageable cage liner out of it, and just used that to trace out my second fleece and bed pad thing, and then I pinned that baby up and was good to go!

...except my sewing machine decided it didn't want to loop and stitch, and then it decided it didn't like the vinyl Sao the needle broke, and then the tension got wonky with the new needle, then when it was all good, the second stitch broke that needle, too!

So now I'm off to the store to buy some specialty needle (a few, at least...) And pray that I can finish this liner tonight. Worst case scenario, I've got webbing and an iron standing by...but this is a big project with my daughter and I'm not going to give up in front of her! Also not going to give in and pay 75 flipping bucks on a single liner from a web store. That is defeat, and defeat is not an option!

Phew...anyway, that's my story so far, and I'm hoping for happier liner-filled days to come. :D

02-12-15, 06:15 pm
:) I just love your adventure and envious that you know how to sew :D

Can't wait until I see the final product.

02-12-15, 07:56 pm
Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see some pictures of your piggies.

But don't flip out over the fleece. You can just put the fleece down over the absorbent layer, and unless they're hell-bent on burrowing, you can get by until you can get something sewed together.

02-12-15, 09:02 pm
I second pigtures! And try wrapping the pigs in a towel when you hold them. My boys were very skeptical of me when I first got them, and the towel helped them calm down so much.

02-12-15, 09:49 pm
I have a wool scarf that I put around my neck. When I hold pudge, she always burrows her head under the scarf. It's so cute. Her rump is sticking out, so funny cuz she thinks she is hiding, but you can still see her. Piggies are so cute.

02-12-15, 09:51 pm
I tried the towel method, Rosetta was more interested in my jacket.

And yeah, I managed to power through the liner and just went with a simple bottom liner instead of the edges I really wanted, but it is done! Putting the final touches on and moving them shortly, which will result in pictures. :D

02-12-15, 11:55 pm
Piggies have a way of taking over your life rather quickly. Welcome to the world of guinea pig parenting! A way I've gotten my boys to bond with me is to just sit on the couch with them. At first Pip, who we're still working with, was a bit apprehensive of my boyfriend and I. We just sit on one en of the couch and let him sniff around. He eventually found out if he got close enough to us we would pet him and it felt sooooo good! Just time and patience.

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02-13-15, 12:25 am
Every other picture of Rogue was her butt. Fortunately, she has an epicly adorable bum.