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02-12-15, 05:33 pm

I just joined and am brand new to the guinea pig world! So, I've been researching these past few days, reading articles and now have a few questions.

The closest shelter to me is 1 1/2 hours away and I'm planning on visiting tomorrow. I just called and they have a really cute 10 month old female guinea pig who has been there for almost 2 months and weighs 2 lbs.

I originally planned on looking for 2 bonded females since they are so social. Should I still visit this single piggie tomorrow morning even though there isn't a bonded friend with her? Can anyone share with me your experience with a single piggie and if this is a good idea? Or should I wait and try to find a bonded pair? Thanks!

02-13-15, 12:09 am
Welcome to the forum! When I got my first guinea pig, Snickers, as a single male at the local humane society. Honestly, I didn't know anything about guinea pigs, let alone plan on getting one. I now have three piggies. They're all separated because they don't get along super well, but the can see each other and "talk." Two of them are older, and I don't think they ever had a friend, so it's tough to get them to bond.

Females on the other hand, are a lot easier to introduce than males are. I would say go check out the single piggy. If you find another single female near by in need of a home you can always try introductions. If that doesn't work, you can always have them near by and try again later. Every piggie needs a home, even the single ones.

Hope I helped! :)

02-13-15, 04:46 am
If you get a single guinea pig, I'd suggest you don't adopt another without being sure they'll get along. My only two guinea pigs that had to be caged alone due to dominance issues were females. It's not gender that interferes with compatibility, it's a guinea that won't tolerate another one and is aggressive enough that it poses a risk to another.

02-13-15, 08:48 am
Jan 7th I entered the cavy world. Never owning one. Went thru the whole process, pets store cage, now c&c cage, cheap pellets and hay, now better pellets. Pudge is singleton. I rescue another single female, but did not do proper intro's. With lack of experience trying to pair them, it did not work out. So returned Shelby back to he shelter (she since been adopted out). Pudge is a little skiddish, but I think she is doing good as a singleton. We don't know how her former owner was/treated her. I would love for her to have a buddy, but I am not sure if she wants one. I am glad we rescued Pudge.

02-13-15, 07:20 pm
Thanks for the input! Today, I drove to the shelter, held and visited with her, but after awhile I decided not to adopt her. Guinea pigs are just the not right pet for me. I have an older cat (15 yrs. old) and she will remain my cuddly companion :) Good luck with all your cute piggies!

02-13-15, 08:08 pm
Thats fair enough, its good that you realised that before and not after you might've brought her!
Guinea pigs are not for everyone :)

Thanks for letting us know instead of just leaving.

02-13-15, 08:29 pm
Yes, cheers. It's great that you decided you didn't want guinea pigs before adopting any- they are hard work, and require a lot of care and patience. Some people just aren't the type. Good luck with life, and your cat! :D

02-21-15, 07:24 pm
You have mail! :)
My first pig was single, and now my second pig is single. Its the only no no that I do feel os OK. We give Angelina a lot of attn. My husband also works from home 3 days a week, and we are with the pig on the weekends. If you can have two, all the better, but I really feel one fits our household better. Just make sure if you get one, that you pay attention to the pig as much as you can :)

02-21-15, 07:26 pm
Also, funny you have a cat, as I have been torn about getting a cat for so long. I always wimp out as Im so afraid of the hair, and possible accidents of cat urine. It is a really long time commitment too. Maybe one of these days. I have researched cats so much, I think Im a cat expert too.

02-22-15, 10:27 am
Thanks jayval! I took a look at the pictures you posted and Angelina is so cute! I'm being patient and really that's all I can do since there aren't any shelters or rescues nearby.