View Full Version : Outdoor cage?

03-31-02, 07:02 pm
I have a new outdoor casge idea for pigs! We have one of those large dog kennels(the chain link ones) about 15ft by 7 ft, and It has a covered roof. I was planning on putting small chicken wire around the edges so they cant squeze out. My question is if I left the bottom just dirt or grass would or could they dig their way out? I could put chicken wire along the bottom, but would this solve the problem? DELI

Guinea PigsUSA
04-21-02, 03:59 pm
I don't think piggies can dig. I've never had trouble with my piggies digging and I read somewhere that they can't, but if you put a rabbit with them (for company) then the rabbit will dig and the gp will follow.

09-07-02, 05:37 pm
Normally, cavies won't dig in the dirt or grass. But, if you are keeping your cavies outdoors to live with grass as being the "floor," then make sure the grass hasn't been treated with pesticides or fertilizers. Also, make sure the cage is strong enough to not let any other animals brake in and still your cavies. Eventually, the grass under the cage will be eaten, and you'll need to rotate the cage to another spot. If you don't want to end up with a bare yard, I suggest you using some other flooring.

Marla TX
11-10-02, 12:40 am
My pigs stay indoors.