View Full Version : Hi new here meet snapple an buttercup

02-10-15, 01:00 pm

Hi here's snapple the dark one an buttercup I just got them yesterday an they seem very happy is that what they call popcorning in the vid

02-10-15, 02:00 pm
Awe, they're adorable. Snapple looks like a trouble maker.:o
Yes, that's popcorning.

Talking Cavy
02-10-15, 02:21 pm
Aw they are adoable little piggies! �� Welcome! Hope you like it here on the forum and learn alot! (I know I did!)

02-22-15, 10:05 am
HI just wanted to give an update the piggies are all settled in an I am weighing them weekly an they are gaining weight there eating like crazy lol they diffentley are not picky eaters they have been running around the play pen an popcorning like crazy thanks you all have agood day