View Full Version : Glad to be here with Piggie Smalls=we have an inquiry please

Jill Bailey
02-08-15, 03:09 pm
I'm so happy to have found you! I haven't kept cavys since I was my now 7 year old son's age and we recently adopted a sweet 4 month girlie who came with the name Piggie Smalls.

She's adapted well to our family and is loving the attention and cuddles/excersize that we lavish daily..along with lots of fresh veg and a few little fruit treat treats (she adores mandarin orange pieces!)

Yesterday... I noticed excessive peeing and drinking=like 3/4 of a bottle-I've changed the litter pan several times since I discovered this condition and switched out the fleece w/liners today too. The urine used to be yellow and slightly cloudy and is now primarily clear-the poops are still solid and dry (unless they are soaked in urine) and I am terribly concerned-we STOPPED all veg and fruit and I've seen her munchin pellets and her timothy hay. We use a large wire Kaytee cage with a fleece/pan with bedding "kitchen" mix in our cage per your site THANKS SO MUCH I used to house mine years ago in huge aquariums that were heavy and difficult to clean for a kiddo) We intend to build a proper CC cage when we move into our forever home and see what kind of bigger space we'll have for hers. She is the center of attention now on our breakfast counter.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated-I searched the threads for anything like this but haven't seen much that fits so far so I'm posting and saying Hi! :love:

02-08-15, 06:59 pm
Piggy Smalls has a tu-tu! lol

Her urine is probably clear because she is drinking copious amounts of water. Wait at least a couple of days before you panic........it just may be an isolated occurrence. I once thought I had a diabetic cavy because he seemed to be at the water bottle all the time, but was then informed that cavies are rarely diabetic.

You and I aren't the same from day to day, and very often our piggies are not either. Keep an eye on her and see if it resolves on its own in a couple of days. If she begins exhibiting symptoms of a UTI, then I would recommend a vet visit.

02-08-15, 08:15 pm

I'd like to say that everything you said you've done so far is great, but are you considering getting her a friend? Guinea pigs need a friend of their own kind, same gender. She is adorable!!! I've really nothing to say about the medical concern, I'm not sure why that is.

Jill Bailey
02-09-15, 04:30 pm
Thanks you guys for making me feel welcome and putting my worried mind to ease. BaconAndEggs we do hope to adopt/rescue a friend for her once we know how much space we'll have in our forever home. This is our year :)