View Full Version : My piggy won't let me pick him up!

02-07-15, 08:29 am
I got Teddy when he was a tiny baby and right away started picking him up and cuddling him so he would get used to it. My other pig hadn't been handled much when I adopted him so he won't sit still when you try to hold him. I wanted Teddy to be different.

Once you can get a hold of Teddy, he snuggles up and loves to cuddle. But trying to catch him in the cage, or on the floor, is nearly impossible...he completely freaks out!! I have to corner him or trick him to get him which makes me feel bad for him. Also, when I have him out on the floor, I can't reach for him to pet him without him freaking out and running. Sometimes I can pet him on the floor but only if I am holding a carrot stick. But take that carrot away and he freaks out again and runs. This is so frustrating because he is completely relaxed when I hold him. He will snuggle or wash hismself while he's sitting with me which tells me that he is completely relaxed.

What can I do to get him past this? He is currently 6 months old...I've been dealing with this since August.

02-07-15, 08:56 am
When you reach for him try n just use one or two fingers and let him sniff and slowly pet him.over time he will get used to you reaching for him.his reaction is probably just a normal defensive reaction to run remember thier prey animals and that's their defense mechanism.

02-07-15, 08:56 am
None of my pigs is particularly happy being picked up. They'll all dart to varying degrees. But they'll all also sit happily in a lap for long periods of time getting pet or brushed. They will also stand at the edge of their cage, little toes sticking out, and beg for treats any time a person walks by. They're tame little piggies, but they also still have that prey instinct, which means that when house eagles drop into their cage, they feel like they have to run.

(YMMV: Some piggies are okay being picked up. I really think it depends on the pig.)

02-07-15, 12:24 pm
Hate to break it to you but such is the case with most pigs. They are prey animals by nature so they will naturally run and try to hide when you go to pick them up. Try a piggy elevator

02-07-15, 02:15 pm
All pigs are different this is so true. Use what motivates your pigs, food is a great bribe. After learning that pigs are prey animals I changed the way I pet them. Instead of raising my hand over them and coming down towards them I started holding my hand out in front of them and then began scratching under their chins. Keep trying!!

02-07-15, 02:32 pm
It is a guinea pig's instinct to hide. Wouldn't you run and hide if there was a giant hand coming down to pick you up?
Do you have any tunnels? If so, you can gently guide him into the tunnel, then pick up the tunnel with him in it. (Make sure you're holding it TIGHTLY!!!) You could give him food when he comes out to snuggle, and when you're putting your hand in the cage, put it down slowly, and let him sniff it to makes sure it's you.

02-07-15, 02:53 pm
That's funny...I have actually used the tunnel trick before!😄It does work but I don't want that to be the only option. My other pig doesn't mind picking up too much. In fact, if he knows it's carot time, he practically jumps out of the cage into my arms! 😄 I expect a little fear because it's their instinct to run. I want him to at least walk up to the side of the cage and ask for petting like the other pig does. I will keep working with him. It helps me to know that other pig parents have the same problem 😊