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02-04-15, 04:13 pm
Hello, my name is elizabeth and I am 23 years old. I have three cages of piggies and they are all c&c cages!
My first c&c is 6 by 3 and has my three piggies. My neutered male who is a skinny, name is henri. He has two girls, a furry piggy named willow and another furry piggy named trish. They are all doing very well together. I just got willow for emma my lonely female but they did not get along at all so I decided to put her with those two and it was an instant bond for the three of them.
My second is a 2x5 with my two boars who were given to me a few weeks ago. Einstein is a skinny pig and has lots of spots which I love and he lives with a male named finn who is also a furry pig! They are about two years old. I sawa video today about cleaning anal sacks and am so happy I found it as einstein's was so impacted and stank so bad. I had a vet appointment made because he was walking very funny and I havent had male piggies that long, just about a year. He had huge chunks coming out and I felt so bad but he now is running arund playing which he hasnt done since I brought them home. Finn wasnt as bad but still a lot came out. My henri had a bitof dirty colour but nothing came out.
Now my third cage is a 3 x5 with my one female long haired piggy named emma. She is still looking for a friend. We may have found one and get to visit her on friday. We are trying a baby this time as the one yearold willow did not work out. Any tips on intros would be great. I really want these two to work out.

02-04-15, 05:52 pm
Wow what a herd! I would love to see some pictures :) I'm sure someone will fill you in on intros but I just wanted to say welcome to the forum! You can also search introductions on the forum and a whole wealth of info will flood in.

02-04-15, 06:20 pm

This is Finn

02-04-15, 06:22 pm

This is Einstein who lives with Finn

02-04-15, 06:25 pm

This is Henri who lives with willow and trish

02-04-15, 06:27 pm

This is willow

02-04-15, 06:28 pm

This is Trish, 4 months old

02-04-15, 06:30 pm
No idea why willows picture attached again

02-04-15, 06:31 pm

And Emma

02-04-15, 06:33 pm
Can anyone tell me what colours and breeds they all are. I woud love to know. Thwy are all so different. I know the one i am getting this weekend is a teddy lemon agouti cream and white! She is adorable :)

02-06-15, 06:48 am
I would really appreciate someone's input on what colours and breeds my piggies are if anyone can help:)

02-06-15, 07:20 am
I love skinny pigs! They are so cute!

02-06-15, 09:55 am
Looks to me like you have 3 American short hairs(Finn, Willow, & Trish), 2 Skinnys (Einstein & Henri), and either an Abyssinian or maybe Silkie (Emma). It's kinda hard to tell when you can see her outside the cuddle cup.

02-06-15, 03:13 pm
I second the above breeds. :)
Wow, you have a lot of piggies! They are so cute!

And welcome!