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Lady Merridell
02-01-15, 07:39 pm
I'm Lady Merridell. I don't suppose it matters whether I introduce myself or not but I may as well. I have two precious cavies. One of them is my veteran Niffler, who is an all black American shorthair -or English if there's a difference or proper term. He is also a satin I believe, his coat does have a nice shine to it.

I call him a veteran because the darling spent three long year with me in which I knew nothing about guinea pig care and did what the pet store told me. I found him squished under another guinea pig at a Petsmart after searching at several others for the black cavy I wanted. I was maybe twelve or so and had lost my first cavy Guinevere to a beloved dog belonging to my aunt. I wasn't mad at the dog, but I was sad since my hamster died of old age.

Its not a sob story I assure you, it's just what happened.

In any case, I found him and rescued him. I say rescue because he had a respiratory illness the workers had no knowledge of. I got him two wheeks later.

Anyways I finally came to the true knowledge of the nature of cavy ownership and became obsessed with fixing what I'd done wrong. So here I am. I finally managed to convince my parents to get a new cage. I didn't think I'd get another guinea pig to go with it as I had asked, but I did. He too had respiratory so I can assume he came from the store too.

i understand the evils of pet stores. If I had my way, both pigs would have been adopted and have fleece bedding, but I still have to live with my parents for about another year. But I must add that those cavies who end up in pet stores do need homes too. Not to say I support pet stores, but I hope someday soon we can convert pet stores to become helpful pet supplies retailers and the pets will only be bought at rescue shelters. I'd like to be able to find proper cavy supplies at Petsmart someday rather than cringing at the yogurt treats they offer.

Moving on to my second cavy, Nimbus. Heis a white Abyssinian with a black mask (I'm not familiar with cavy marking terminology, only horses, in which case I'd describe him as having a white blaze. He's fairly standard.) Between the two guinea pigs, Nimbus is the most shy and energetic, but the minute he gets into a good cuddle he lays down and purrs, so I'm very privileged he's got a sweet personality and will hopefully become used to the family.

In short I have a lot to say about my guinea pigs, but I love them to bits and am learning more about them everyday...including the less luxurious bits such as boar cleaning (and thank goodness my dear, cuddly, meek, submissive, humble Nifller was very compliant when I started).

I certainly have my work cut out for me, but I am happy to learn and love it. I'll always be asking questions and am open to suggestions.

02-01-15, 08:11 pm
Remember that buying a pig from a pet store creates a demand for them, and another pig in a breeding mill is forced to have another litter. Adopting from a shelter does not support this, which is why this forum is pro-rescue and anti-pet store. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing pigtures.

Lady Merridell
02-01-15, 08:34 pm
I will post pics someday :D

i know about the pet stores, I don't say I support them at all and don't want to spur any demand. I only mention that my two piggies needed homes in case anyone got upset with me. I suppose it was an unnessecary sentence and can be misleading. My opinion on pet stores is I hope they sell pet supplies and not the actual animal because of mills or irresponsible breeding. Then future owners will have to look at rescues instead. If people could only see the older ones as well as the babies they'd be willing to adopt. Especially since the older ones are so relaxed and cuddly as opposed to the shy, energetic newbies. Then everyone would get a fair shot at being adopted.

Lady Merridell
02-01-15, 08:36 pm
I apologize if I said anything misleading. I am pro adoption and don't support pet stores

02-01-15, 09:43 pm
Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pictures of your piggies.

Just one word of caution. Satin pigs are prone to osteodystrophy, which is a painful bone disease. If you think he's a satin, keep things all on one level for him, and don't let him jump. Pay particular attention to any signs of pain or of reluctance to move, as those may indicate that the disease is progressing. Not all satins have it, but many do. We'll hope that Niffler is one of those who escaped it.

02-01-15, 09:47 pm

I too was a bit like that, because my poor boys lived about 6 months in a Pet Store cage, without enough veggies or hay, and I was obsessed with fixing what I did wrong. I got a C&C cage this past Christmas, and they now have the right amount of hay and veggies. :D There are still things I need to fix, but they aren't anything major. I still shop at Pet Stores occasionally, but only to get small presents for my boys, and supplies for my dogs and cat. Even before I knew how awful they were behind the scenes, my parents and I very rarely got our pets from pet stores- they were usually from people selling them. (Learned about Pet Stores in a hard way... as in 9 surprise baby hamsters! But I have to admit it was an amazing experience that I will never forget.)

Anyway, your pigs sound beautiful and I can't wait to see pigtures!!

Lady Merridell
02-01-15, 10:16 pm
Yup and here they are:

They love to cuddle... Well, Nimbus does. Niffler doesn't mind or care, he's independent - likes to be comfy and eat. Ninbus just invades his personal bubble and likes to squish in one Pigloo.
Nimbus tried to be the big pig when we introduced them. Of course, Niffler didn't care and Nimbus just ended up following him around, trying to act dominant, but in reality he looks up to Niffler. Does whatever he does and is content to lay down and cuddle. It's funny, he yawned a lot when we introduced them and I worried he would be one too agressive, but he just flopped down - literally - and cuddled.

And this is just Niffler being a cutie. He's so patient with me.

Lady Merridell
02-01-15, 10:19 pm
This is why I think he might be satin. His fur shines somewhat, which doesn't show in the other photos because of the camera I use and filter. This one was just an iPad photo. I could try to show his shine with the Canon, but this does it better. I could be wrong, but I want to be on the safe side.

02-01-15, 10:20 pm
Nimbus looks a bit like my boy Eggs, though Eggs' "masked" face is a dark brown, and his bottom is also that way. (He's to the right in my profile picture, Bacon's the left.:))

Lady Merridell
02-01-15, 11:02 pm
Aw, they're adorable! Those are cute names by the way. I love it!