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02-01-15, 08:46 am
Hello all!
I posted yesterday, but it never showed up. I'm guessing I did something wrong and it didn't go thru. I hope it doesn't show up twice. My apologies in advance if it does. We do not have any guinea pigs, but there is one for sale along with a 52" cage and some supplies. I would very much like to add this little piggy to our family, but my husband has concerns about the odor. Is odor a real challenge even with frequent cleanings? How do you all deal with it. Advice needed! Thanks.

02-01-15, 09:00 am
Hi Poppy and welcome to the group. I am a newbie to the site as well as cavy ownership. We got our 1st on Jan 7. I was concerned odor as well. If you let the cage go, yes it will get stinky, but if you do your research and clean it once a week or so, you really should not smell anything. We are still test mode with bedding. Right now I'm using flat newspaper on the bottom, carefresh and then 2 layers of fleece. Been a week for that, and so far so good. I saw the post about wood pellets, might try that out as well. Due your research. Lots of good reading here:

Good luck, ask more questions if you need too, and let us know what you decided. If you get her, post pix!

02-01-15, 09:28 am
Welcome, poppysdb. Measure your cage on the inside of the bottom of the cage to get an accurate measure. Figure out the square space to see if it complies with recommended minimum standards for guinea pigs which is listed on the main page. The larger the cage, the better it is for your guinea pig and it stays cleaner longer since there's more space to hold the droppings and urine. With a smaller cage, I don't think I'd use fleece because it'll pile up quickly and be difficult to keep up with spot cleaning. If you're handy, you could build a larger C&C cage if you determine you want a bigger cage. Depending where you live, storage cube grids can often be found free or cheap on craigslist, freecycle, garage sales or at Goodwill. Coroplast can be purchased at many sign stores. At the top of the page, you'll see "coro" which lists stores where you can buy coroplast. I use half fleece pads and half unscented Fresh News for cats (with brown bags under the bedding side) in my cages. The bedding is held in a 1.5" lipped tray I made that fits half the cage. The rougher bedding keeps their feet clean and the fleece offers a softer area for them. Whatever you decide, this site is a really good place for information.

02-01-15, 12:30 pm
Guinea piggies are clean animals & have no odour as such. Boars may be a bit smellier, but I never had them, so can't be sure. Odour is a problem only if the cage is not regularly cleaned.
Spot cleaning, in my opinion, should be done at least 2x day, full clean 1-2 week depending on bedding, eg fleece & haul. With wood pellets full cleanups can be at least 1x month-2months, if fleece is used on top the fleece 1-2x WK for hygiene.

02-01-15, 12:42 pm
Changes not going through. Meant haul not haul. Also just to add this is only my opinion. I have a thing about hygiene so was a 'more frequent' cleaner.

02-01-15, 07:48 pm
Thank you for the replies! My husband is still not convinced, but I haven't given up hope just yet. I looked around a bit on the store link on this site and really liked the fleece flippers. Have any of you tried them?

02-01-15, 08:25 pm
Thank you for the replies! My husband is still not convinced, but I haven't given up hope just yet. I looked around a bit on the store link on this site and really liked the fleece flippers. Have any of you tried them?

I have Fleece Flippers that I have purchased from the store that I use in my 2x6 C&C cage, I made my own for my "Party Patio" and I am going to be making my own second set.

The positives:
-Easy to sweep/vacuum poops off of.
-Can easily be switched around the cage.
-Looks neat and Clean

-Poos get stuck in between or under pads
-Can be difficult and timely to put together and take apart.

02-01-15, 09:52 pm
I don't have anything for odor, but I would like to add that if you are going to be getting a guinea pig, you need to adopt another and make sure you have an adequately sized cage, look on the main page for sizes.

And welcome! If you do end up getting guinea pigs, we'd love to see pigtures!
In my opinion, guinea pigs don't smell too much, if you have the right cage.