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01-31-15, 04:01 pm
Wanted to help out with finding materials and ideas to use when you can't find the usual materials used in C&C cages locally.

Pet Fences: Since I've still not been able to locate the usual "cube grids" anywhere close to me, I've gone for fences (guineapig/hamster size) (http://www.gaeludyr.is/nagdyravoerur-is/hamstra-naggrisageroi-8-grindur-34x23.html) which I found in a local pet shop called gæludır.is (They even provide a waterproof nylon cover to protect the floor and keep the fence circular, I discovered that using the bigger size of floor cover and a extra set of fence made it ideal sized for your piggies).
Coroplast: You can actually find this kind of plastic in connection to sign/advertising companies, and I've discovered that they are calling it "gróğurhúsaplast" (greenhouse plastic) or "ylplast" locally. Maybe it has gotten special treatment against UV rays, which isn't so bad either. Example (http://fast.is/ylplast/)
PVC foam panels: There is also the plastic-foam boards which you can use, but I wouldn't give the piggies any access to chewing on it's edges since I imagine them having a easy time ruining it and probably getting sick because of it (you'd get sick eating weird plastic foam too).
Plexígler: The plastic "glass", sturdy. can buy panels of those and even request them to be cut to correct sizes often enough.
Wood panels: You can always find wood to work with and wooden panels, "krossviğur" (solid and strong), "spónviğur" (brittle inside usually) or other types.

02-02-15, 10:16 am

I finally found the "coroplast" here in Iceland in a the advertising company called "Áberandi" , they were willing to sell me plain white 5mm thick sheets (which is the only type they got) for surprisingly cheap. That greenhouse plastic I mention in previous post is more expensive (sold by "Fást"​).

And I found awesome plastic edge covers in the local Bauhaus store, they were either black or white and rounded which I think is even more ideal than the squared corners of the ones sold here in the C&C cage store since the piggies wont be able to find any corners on the edging to chew on at all.

Now I shall continue and create their new cage :D Will most likely share some pictures when Im done.