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SSJ Chibi Trunks0505
12-28-01, 07:36 am
i just wanna know does anyone know where i can find a kind of portable cage for guinea pigs like their easy to asemble to bring the guinea pig to a friends house or to a family members house so she won't be alone while we r gone?

01-03-02, 09:53 am
Well, you can make a collapsible Cubes & Coroplast cage. I don't know EXACTLY how this would work, other than the coroplast would be fastened with something more temporary and easy to take down than tape. This was a suggestion given to me by Teresa.

I use a big clear tub. Since I'm gone for usually just a weekend at a time, it works. However, it is large and bulky and difficult to store. If I had thought about doing the collapsible C&C cage a little sooner, then I probably would have gone that route. If done correctly, you could make it as small or large as you want. I had trouble finding a tub large enough that I would consider livable for a weekend. :)

Those are my thoughts.


Pinny Gig
04-23-02, 08:38 am
A laundry basket has always worked well for me, but you have to be careful in the car that someone can sit next to the basket to keep it from tipping over.

It has to be a laundry basket that is made of strong, wide plastic holes instead of the tiny, narrow strips that guinea pigs can chew through---BELIEVE me!

I have been able to line the laundry basket with brown paper grocery bags and paper towels. I've been able to mount a small cage hugger-type water bottle on the basket and even a mountable food dish. My piggies did great in this set-up during our recent move.

04-25-02, 09:37 am
I have a collapsible C&C cage: its put together just with cable ties. the bottom is scored coroplast, which folds into the same squares that the cage walls do. we line it with newspapers, as I fear it may leak with so many score lines, then dump bedding on top, and away we go!

06-14-02, 04:14 pm
I wouldn't really worry about it leaking, your guinea pigs would have to pee a LOT for that to happen(enough that it soaks through the bedding, into the crack, and enough to coat the inside of the little corrugation channel. At first I was worried about the corners leaking as well, but then I thought about the pet store cage. It's just folded sheet metal, and in the corners, what can you find? Small holes. Never had a leakage problem there, and the pee would have to work it's way around/through narrower and longer spaces than the sheet metal.

09-10-02, 03:34 pm
Laundry baskets work for me too. Also, it is nice if you make a C&C cage exclusively for carrying your piggies around.

09-10-02, 06:17 pm
What if you made a collapseable pen out of cubes and cable ties, and then put one of those wrapping paper conatiners in there as the base. You could even put the cubes in the container for storage. For car rides you could just use a cat carrier.

02-18-03, 02:04 pm
I've used a laundry basket for indoors or going to the garden but my bf built me a wooden box (wood work is definatly not a strong point of mine lol) for taking the pigs to the the vet etc. It's made from a batten frame with tongue and grove (wood) for sides, base etc and a mesh door.