View Full Version : Newbie with a guinea pig question.

01-30-15, 12:17 am
I'd like to introduce myself and my piggie Butch, he's a mixed breed not really sure what kind but I've had him ever since he was about a month old and his little whiskers were still curly (he is going to be 5 months on the 21st of Feb.). I was actually wondering if anyone could help me determine the breeds he might be.
He has lines of Brown throughout his coat like a bundle but not the same and a white patch running from his chin downward. His hair is a medium,length not long but not short, it is soft but not shiny or silky. Also the hair on his rear end is considerably longer than the rest of the hair on his body sticking out almost a full inch longer than the rest. Thanks! (:

01-30-15, 02:11 am
Definetly a crested, but his fur is a bit long. Maybe part silkie as well?

01-30-15, 07:53 am
AAAWWWW!!!!! Welcome!

01-30-15, 01:26 pm
I'm new to the cavy world too so I can't help you identify what kind he is but I just wanted to stop by the say welcome. Butch is adorable!

01-30-15, 01:54 pm
Definetly a crested, but his fur is a bit long. Maybe part silkie as well?
I son't see the crest, just the white. Possibly a coronet mix. They have a crest with longer hair as well. It sounds like maybe a sheltie mix. Shelties have long hair that goes away from their head. The texel has curly whiskers, I think.

Some people say there isn't really a "mixed breed" but my cousin's pig doesn't match any of the specific breeds. She has medium hair (longer than an american but still considerably short) and one blue eye and one brown eye. Butch is really cute, though.