View Full Version : Infection Guinea pig with skin ascesses

01-27-15, 09:36 pm
I have just adopted a rescue guinea pig who is 4 yrs old and had been treated for 2 skin abscesses - not much was known about where she came from but apparently lived with a dog and other small animals but the shelter did not know what kinds. I will be taking her to my own vet in a few days but am wondering what causes this? i have read that it is likely from an animal bite. She has one on her shoulder and another larger one between her hips. They were drained and she had been treated twice with antibiotics and cleared for adoption by our Humane Society but I am still taking her to my guinea pig specialist to see is she needs surgery or not. I have 10 other guinea pigs and have never had any with abscesses. Thanks

01-27-15, 10:53 pm
Abscesses are different from cysts in that they have pockets of pus that continue filling up. Sometimes, before resorting to surgically remove an abscess, a vet will lance it and clean out the pocket and prescribe an antibiotic. In order for the abscess to go away, you'd have to keep the pocket open and keep it clean while the pocket heals from the inside out. If you allow the pocket to close too soon, the abscess can grow again. A Q-Tip can be used to clean out the pocket, a curved syringe with diluted chlorhexadine can be used to flush out it and/or warm compresses can be used to draw out some of the pus.