View Full Version : Injury Just got back from the vet

01-27-15, 10:08 am
I noticed yesterday that Lily's eye was cloudy blue color. I looked up what it could be and the consensus seemed to be a scratch on the cornea. I called the vet and got an appt. Luckily it was just a scratch. We are now home with eye drops to administer 3 times a day. I was so worried she might be going blind, I'm so glad that wasn't the case. I love my piggies to pieces.

01-27-15, 11:12 am
Hooray! (Well, not hooray she got a scratched eye, but hooray it wasn't anything too serious.)

01-27-15, 12:05 pm
Thanks, Kenna18155. I was afraid she was going blind so I'm glad it was just a scratch but I know a scratched cornea hurts so I still feel really bad for her.

01-27-15, 01:34 pm
I had the exact same thing happen to Maizie in the summer. She had got hay in her eye and we did the exact same drops. Just for your comfort she recovered very quickly and doesn't have any issues.

01-27-15, 01:37 pm
Yes, the sooner the pig gets medical attention the better the chances that the eye will be fine. I've found that the eye will usually clear up really quickly once on the antibiotic eye drops are started.

01-27-15, 02:43 pm
I'm glad! She is usually a very friendly piggie. She will come up to the cage whenever I walk by but she has been very skittish since the injury.