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12-27-01, 01:41 pm
I have one pig, (DELI) who you can sit on the grass, and he'll just sit there and eat, while my other pig(TAXI) always takes off running...I have to keep him on a special guinea pig leash... Why do they do this? DELI

12-30-01, 11:29 pm
Hi Deli,

I have two pigs that I've had for about two years. After all this time I STILL have to chase them when I want to pick them up. In my experience pigs are just skiddish by nature. The only defense they have is to run and run fast. Spending time with them and holding/feeding them will help, but some pigs just aren't what we would call social. Your piggie is just looking for a place to hide. I wouldn't worry about it too much, just understand that your pig may always run no matter what and it's just the way they are wired. It can be frustrating but keep trying and maybe she will come around.

12-31-01, 01:06 am
Thanks for the reply,
Taxi is getting alot better. Now, he is almost friendly enough to come over and visit me, like how my other pig does. DELI

12-31-01, 10:46 am
Referring to inside rather than outside playtime (it's too cold where I live to take them outside now), I notice that one of my boys (Squeaky) is fairly easy to catch while my other boy (Tiny) runs all over the family room! One day my 3 children and I spent a full 15 minutes trying to catch him! LOL

I agree with Pigfarmer about piggies being skittish. My Tiny by temperament is quite a bit more skittish than Squeaky.

12-31-01, 02:50 pm
He now is begginging to come up to the edge of the cage, however, this is how the story goes... it was my 1st week owning taxi, and I decided to take him into my very large back yard, and i sat him down on the grass expecting him to just eat like Deli, instead he took off running up the back hill with me chasing after. I thought I was going to lose him. He ran into a railroad tie and stopped for long enough time for me to grab him. Never in my life has a pig worried me that much. From there on out he was ept on a leash when outside. DELi

12-31-01, 06:03 pm
Yes, I've added that caution on the floor time page of this site: "They must be in an "enclosed" space. Never think they will "just stay" where you have them. " :)

12-31-01, 06:27 pm
LOL. Even in our "enclosed" family room (we shut the door) our piggies definitely don't "just stay" in one place. :)

09-09-02, 11:12 pm
I agree CavyTopia!
In the wilderness, cavies run in herds,
but as pets they all go different directions~
This is probably their way of playing "hide and seek"
with us!

05-10-03, 06:22 pm
My guinea pig just sits there and eats grass. It really depresses me. I want to see him walk around and play, but he just sits there. Sometimes he'll walk or run, but most of the time he'll find a bush and lay under there. I hate to see that he can do that in his cage.

My cat even trys playing with him. I know she won't hurt him because she played the same way with my bunny before we had to put him to sleep, pouncing and chasing.

What should I do?

07-09-03, 06:21 pm
You know, to me, that sounds like paradise, sitting out in the sun (or in the shade) with plenty to eat. Your piggie probably loves it.

My pigs, when taken out side, do one of 3 things. They play, they eat, or the run like heck. It sucks to chase them, and they only play when there are more than one of them outside at a time. I think when they eat they're really enjoying themselves. Besides, if they're really scared, they won't eat, so they must be relaxed.

I think you're piggies doing ok.

-Dan III

miss g pig
08-07-03, 06:39 am
when my pigs arew inside for floor tome they run like crazy but when they are outside they just walk around and chew grass will they ever run around and play outside.
Also it's hard to catch them, my dad built a really nice big run for them outside but you have to lift it up to get them out. Whenever I lift it up they try to run out I am scared of losing them in the garden. Does ne1 have any good tips for catching them in this situation.
What i usually do is put in a little pigloo thing(the one with a bottom on it) and they both run into this and i just lift them out.It seems to work quite well but i was wondering if there were any easier ways?

07-05-04, 11:50 am
Hi there

I find that when I have had my pigs out on the grass then whne its time to put them away they struggle alot when I try to put them in their cage again! Theyre fine out on floortime but when they get to the cage ... Well! lol
Does anyone else have this problem?


07-05-04, 02:37 pm
Yup every single one fo my pigs do that.i think its just like a small child and the park lol.

11-20-04, 07:14 am
i think only one thing is important if you dont want your guinea pig to run away outside close off any places so they cant go to places there not surposed to go

12-27-04, 01:51 pm
I think I won't be taking my pig out anymore.
I took it out one and it was terrible.He was just sitting there and chew on the grass.I just turn my face to the other side and pig was getting away-real quick.I couldn't catch it no matter how.he ran right,left,right,left.I shouted to my mum and bro to help.And it was like after 10 minutes later I manage to cornered it and pick it up.
It's the first time in my life I'm so afraid-afraid of losing pig.

12-27-04, 03:11 pm
Thats why you buld or buy a play pen. Lots of people make them out of grid and cable ties.

12-30-04, 10:46 pm
yes, you could use grids and cable ties, if you're into looks, but a very cheap alternative is that if you have a nearby costco in your area, they should give away free cardboard and cardboard boxes. then take as many as you would like, the cut them out into rectangles, and tape them together to make a foldable pen! the only problems is that it looks really cheap (especially if you use masking tape or duct tape to tape the rectangles together) and that they can't see outside of their set area. good luck