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01-25-15, 12:09 am
I came home today from the hospital (wasnt home for 2 days due to high blood sugar) and to my surprise I find my bonnie with her eye like this.


I've never dealt with eye conditions before but read up on guinea lynx about them. Can anyone tell me what this looks like? Is this a hay poke? Is it an eye infection? Or both? It really scared me because her eye looks white as if she's blind. I made an appointment ASAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! which is tomorrow in the morning because I don't want my bonnie to get worse

01-25-15, 08:26 am
Can anyone tell if this is blindness or just a hay poke? Regardless I'm just in hopes time will pass by so I can take her in.

01-25-15, 08:28 am
No, no one can tell from the picture. You'll just have to take her in. It may clear up just fine, but even if it doesn't, one-eyed pigs usually get along very well.

01-25-15, 09:35 am
I'd take her in asap. One of mine recently had a hay poke in her eye that looked that way. I took her in and my vet cleaned the eye and gave me an antibiotic ointment. She was concerned that it would remain ulcerated but it cleared up. I never wait with any type of eye injury. I think it's better to get them in as soon as possible so you can treat it quickly because eye injuries can be really painful.

01-25-15, 10:08 am
My latest adopted pig came with an eye like that. The previous owner neglected to take Pumpkin to the Vet and just surrendered her. The Piggie rescue took her to the Vet and gave her some antibiotic ointment but it never cleared up. She is blind in one eye and fits into the heard.

If I were in your shoes, I would take to the Vet ASAP so they can have a greater chance of saving the eye...IMO

01-25-15, 10:10 am
The sooner she gets in to the vet the better. The longer the eye goes untreated the better the chance that it won't recover.