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01-22-15, 06:37 pm
Hi! My name is Jax, and I'm from Texas. I have two boars, Nico and Finn. I got Nico when I was in 5th grade and didn't really know what I was doing. I'm pretty sure I was good on nutrition and such when I was that young, but I didn't do a whole lot of research and didn't realize that the pet store-bought cage was too small and he really needed a friend. As I got older I realized what I needed to do to insure that he was happy, so I pushed my parents to help me buy a C&C cage and another pig, which they didn't like at first, but eventually came around to (and now that the pigs are together in a 2x5, they agree that it's a much better arrangement). Finn is much younger than his 5 yrs brother, at slightly less than a year, and he was definitely the runt of his litter because he is such a small thing. Unlike Nico whose very chill and relaxed, he's a nervous nelly. I thought maybe I had botched the bonding process between me and him in the beginning of his introduction and he was scared of me, but I'm beginning to think that's just his personality. In any case they are both my little angels, and I love them very much <3 I'm looking forward to getting advise and meeting new people from this forum!

01-22-15, 07:10 pm
Wow, Sounds like you are doing a great job being a cavy momma! Who's who?

01-22-15, 07:19 pm
Cute piggies!

01-22-15, 07:23 pm
Adorable piggies, and great job doing your research. Try not to state your age on the forum if you're under 18.

01-22-15, 07:59 pm

Adorable piggies. My Eggs was also the runt of his litter, and he turns one in April! lol Applause for doing your research! I was in the same situation as you! At first I got Bacon in a store bought cage(Ugh), and without a friend! Then I got Eggs and this past Christmas my parents got me a C&C cage. I like this setup SO much better!

01-22-15, 08:15 pm
Thank you! Nico is the top, and Finn is the bottom.

01-24-15, 08:00 pm
Adorable piggies and welcome!!! I like how the one close to the camera is kinda like 'Sup? lol. There both adorable!!!

02-08-15, 02:12 am
Welcome they are adorable!!!