View Full Version : Hello. one of my guineas might be sick, any ideas?

01-21-15, 04:54 pm
Hi my name is Lauren I recently became a guinea pig owner, 2 males, I adopted them from some people off craigslist, they said they are both around 5 years old probably a little older. I've had them for about 6 months or so. When I first got them I noticed Felix drank a lot more water than normal but he was still acting fine so I wasn't too worried about it. But this is the second day today when I've noticed that he hasn't been running around or doing much, the first day he just sat in his igloo all day and did nothing, last night he came out and wandered a little and drank a little water. This morning I saw him stand up and eat a little bit of hay but right now he's just sitting in front of his water bottle, drinking just a little bit. The past two days Felix has been refusing the veggies I give them every morning, both of them usually take it out of my hand if i try doing that, but now Felix backs away if I put his veggies or fruit anywhere near him... I have no idea what is wrong with him.. I'm really worried so if anybody has any ideas why he might be sick or anything I would greatly appreciate it.

My other guinea, Bobby, is his normal self.

01-21-15, 05:25 pm
That's definitely not normal, and he needs to see a vet. Refusal to eat is a very strong sign that a guinea pig is sick. He may have some sort of infection, or some sort of digestive upset.

Don't bother with a small animal (dog and cat) vet. Most of them have little to no training in caring for exotic pets, and in fact, the reputable ones will tell you that they don't treat guinea pigs.

He needs to eat. Guinea pigs are wired to need food moving through their guts at all times. Take him out of the cage and see if he will eat his favorite food if you hand feed him. If not, you need to grind up pellets and feed him through a syringe. See http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html for more information on how to do that, and post back here if you have questions.

Is he pooping normally?

01-21-15, 05:57 pm
I took him out of the cage a few minutes ago, he only took a couple little nibbles of hay and a hay treat, and now he's eating a little bit of lettuce but he hasn't pooped yet, and I don't think he has in a while maybe he's constipated??

01-21-15, 06:01 pm
now he's eating some carrot... it's like he's hesitant to eat much... like he might want to but not really.. I don't know.. and is there a vet even open at this time? It's like 6.. and I live in hutchinson, mn..

01-21-15, 06:22 pm
You can surely find an exotic vet close to or in Minneapolis. You can google "exotic vets minneapolis" (without the quotes) and get a list of vets. Ignore ALL the Banfield hospitals. Go the websites of any others that are close to you, and read the staff biographies. You want someone preferably certified in exotics, but failing that, at least with experience in treating them. Call the office and ask how many guinea pigs they see per month, and pick the practice with the most GP patients.

But if he's not eating, you've GOT to handfeed him. It's the difference between him living and dying. He may have tooth problems which make him hesitant to eat, so cut his food in long slivers and poke it in his mouth, back toward his molars. That may help him be able to eat it. He may just need his back teeth planed, but you want an exotic vet to do that. But again, he's got to eat to even be able to make it to the vet.

01-21-15, 09:15 pm
he has eye crusties too, a friend of mine that works at petco thinks he has a URI... and the closest vet is at least two hours away from me..

01-21-15, 09:40 pm
You're sixty miles from the center of Minneapolis, which is less than an hour's drive. And any exotic vet will probably not be downtown, so you could probably find one on the west side, which would be even closer to you. My vet in Houston is 30 miles away.

You need to find a way to take him to a good vet. He is totally dependent on you for food and care, and it's not fair to him to let him suffer with an illness and not make an effort to treat it.