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01-21-15, 05:48 am
Please please help me.
My baby girl Ginny is 2 and a half years old and two months ago suddenly noticed a pea sized patch of bald skin on her back. She's a mix bred but looks like a himalayan so she's all white except for the ears and nose and because of the whiteness it was difficult to tell if he hair was falling out in patches or not. Now it's spread to a quarter size bald patch and thinness of hair all along her spine and even maybe a little on her sides but there's no redness no itching no scaly skin no nothing. She's been on the same diet since the beginning. She is active and eating normally she seems just fine except for the hair!
I took her to a normal vet and he said it might be fungus and gave her an ointment but it's not helping the skin is turning kinda red?! He also gave me a fungus shampoo but I'm soooo scared of washing her in such a cold weather and giving her a massive cold poor thing.
But please help me whats happening to her?!!! :((
can't take her to an exotic vet unless you guys think it's absolutely necessary because it's a 5 hour drive from where I live.

01-21-15, 06:58 am
Perhaps photos would help us get a better idea of the extent of her hairloss.

Normally with hair loss the issues are parasites (most commonly mites http://www.guinealynx.info/parasites.html), a fungal infection (http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html) or a bacterial infection, however all three of these are typically accompanied by other symptoms like scratching, dandruff and open wounds just to name a few.

Given her age there is another possibility and that is ovarian cysts. http://www.guinealynx.info/ovarian_cysts.html

01-23-15, 06:51 am
Thanks! I read those links carefully. Nothing really describes her condition though :(

01-23-15, 06:52 am
What can I do if it's ovarian cysts? There's no place in the country where they would operate on a piggy :(

01-23-15, 06:55 am
Maybe it's mites?

01-23-15, 07:14 am
But is it normal that she's not itchy at all? She doesn't itch herself or when I touch the bared skin she doesn't twitch or anything :(

01-23-15, 08:15 am
How long did you use the fungal medication? It can take several days, and the medicine should be continued even after it looks like it's healed.

I wouldn't worry about the fungal shampoo -- those lesions are well defined and you can get the medication right in the area. If the hair loss were all over her body, then you could shampoo her. And FYI, being cold does not cause colds or URIs. If you've already got the virus/bacteria/whatever in your system, getting extremely chilled can make the illness worse, but if you don't have the organism, cold won't give it to you. That's not to say you should let her get chilled anyway, just that it's not important at the moment.

If the fungal medication didn't work, I'd stop it, get an antibiotic ointment and try that. It can be very hard to distinguish between fungal and bacterial infections sometimes, because the symptoms can be identical. Put the medicine on with a q-tip and rub it in well. Try this for several days and see what happens. You'll know it's helping if the spots don't get any larger, but it may take a little while for the hair to start growing back in.

I doubt seriously that it's ovarian cysts -- wrong hair loss pattern. It could possibly be some other hormonal problem, but those usually cause hair thinning in an area, rather than a well-defined bald spot.

01-24-15, 02:54 am
I'v been using the medication for 2 days now, the doctor said I should do it for 3 weeks.
Thank you so much for the information!
This morning I noticed some bits of flaky skin and redness on the edge of a bare area. Is this a response to the medication or is my baby getting worse? I'm so confused. Should I just suffer the 5 hour drive and take her to an exotic vet? I have no idea what I should do :(

01-24-15, 03:16 am
wait. you didnt take her to an exotic vet first? in my opinion id take her to an exotic vet. ASAP

01-24-15, 11:00 am
Looks like mites to me. The spot on her neck is where the back legs can reach to scratch, and the spot on her back is where she can reach with her teeth.

Has she been treated for mites?

01-25-15, 11:24 am
Hello everybody. Thanks for the mites suggestion.
She just received a dose of ivermectin.
how soon can we see results? Poor baby keeps scratching herself I'm so scared she's gonna break her skin

ps I washed EVERYTHING with vinegar and peroxide and threw away all her towels. Is there anything else I can do?
Also, Should I be concerned about her temperature as she has lost some fur and she could be feeling cold?

01-26-15, 06:56 pm
Was the ivermectin oral, topical, or by injection? Make sure you get the next treatment in a week--some vets like to wait two weeks but that's too long, in my opinion. I like to do three treatments, each a week apart.

If she keeps scratching to the point of injuring herself, you might want to see if the vet can give her a steroid, to stop the itching. Or you can bandage her. http://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html

Edited to add that she should be fine regarding the cold temps.