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01-20-15, 09:22 pm
Approximately how long does it take for a guinea pig to show improvement with the use of ivermectin?
This has been an issue for me for an unreasonably long amount of time. I've taken all of my males to the vet multiple times, and after insisting on doing skin scrapings and telling me that my pigs only had dandruff, I decided to take matters into my own hands and treat my boys with Ivermectin. This is what I've been using:http://www.amazon.com/Ivermectin-Pour-On-Cattle-250-mL/dp/B00JAL3AAW

1 mL of this stuff on each pig, on the bald spots near their ears. I gently apply this to their spots and lightly press their ears back against it and then perform a thorough cleaning of cages. Each plastic pigloo is washed with soap and water, every inch of the cage is cleaned, and fleece is washed. I've noticed absolutely no results, even after treating each boy weekly and performing these cleanings afterwards. (I've done this three times already-which is typically all it takes to get rid of mites, I thought). Am I doing something wrong?

I am still witnessing constant itching and each boar flinches at contact, even if it is a delicate touch on the back or side. Having all 3 of my pigs showing these symptoms makes me extremely reluctant to adopt another pig because I wouldn't want them to receive mites from the other pigs. I've been halting an adoption for a while because of these issues, and I would really like to resolve them.

01-20-15, 09:46 pm
First, that's WAY too much ivermectin to give a pig. The typical dose is less than 1/10 of a ml, depending on the pig's weight. Here's the chart of dosage amounts: http://www.guinealynx.info/topical_ivermectin_pour-on.html.

Second, sometimes a bad infestation of mites can take extra treatments of ivermectin to eradicate the mites. So four, five, or six treatments are not unheard of, but it's not usual.

Third, skin scrapings are useless -- painful for the pig and for your pocketbook. Skip them the next time.

You might try Revolution, but you'll either have to order it from somewhere overseas or find a vet to prescribe it for you. It's an over-the-counter medication in some countries, but not here. And Revolution should kill pretty much anything the pigs might have.

The other possibility is that the problem isn't mites, but something else. You could try a couple of baths, a few days apart, with one of the antifungal shampoos -- Nizoral, Malaseb, etc. See http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html for more information. I doubt that's the problem, but it's possible.

01-20-15, 10:19 pm
Wow, I had no idea I was giving too much! Will definitely give less next time. Thank you for the tips.

01-21-15, 11:39 pm
I've treated pigs with ivermectin up to 5 or 6 times.

If if it were me, though, I'd treat them with Revolution.

How constant is the scratching? Is there any hair loss? Any wounds from scratching?

It is possible that they do just have dry skin. Have you had the heaters or furnace on a lot? Dry air can cause dry skin, with dandruff.

02-09-15, 01:01 am
I have a question about applying revolution onto piggies. We have 2 in a cage and our local vet advised us to to separate them for at least a day so that they wouldn't accidently ingest the medicine applied to their backs when they interact with each other.

Is the revolution really toxic if ingested? And how to you ensure that they don't accidently ingest those applied off other piggies back?

We only have one cage and are wondering if separation is really needed.

Appreciate any sharing.

02-09-15, 01:17 am
I've had a similar problem!

I've treated my boys two separate times, with 5 replicates each and they still scratch a lot (not constant, though). I've literally thrown everything out and kept only the bare minimum in the cage during treatment. There's not any hair loss or wounds from scratching.Only one has dandruff. It's very strange.

I haven't been able to get a vet to prescribe Revolution yet. I've told them about the scratching and they never do anything because there are no "visible" signs. They tell me they just have dry skin, so idk what to do at this point.