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01-20-15, 05:17 am
I've been around here for a while (made my account months ago) but I've never actually posted anything. I figured that it's probably time to say hello.

So a bit about me first. My name's Ashleigh, I'm 19, I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm studying a B Arts / B Fine Arts at UNSW.

I'm a first time pig owner, and these are my two fur-balls of joy, Dee and Sam:


(Yes, big Supernatural fan :))

I adopted my girls from the RSPCA in May last year. According to the documents I have, they were approximately 3 years old when I adopted them.

So, yeah, that's it. Hello everyone :)

01-20-15, 11:37 am
They're adorable! <3 Nice to meet you and your piggies!

01-20-15, 12:55 pm
What an interesting couple haha LOVELY pigs.

01-20-15, 07:54 pm
Welcome! You're piggies are so cute, especially the one on the right! I love their names haha Supernatural rocks!

01-20-15, 08:02 pm
What cutie pies they are!

01-24-15, 03:41 pm
Your girls are absolutely beautiful, welcome to the forum!

01-24-15, 05:02 pm
Welcome! my name is Joy lol. I love their colors!