View Full Version : Injury Prayers for my piggie :( fell and is limping

01-18-15, 05:19 pm
Can I get some prayers for my piggie daggett? He's 6 months old and jumped out of my grasp when I went to replace him in his cage.
I am devastated. I spent the whole day prepping to redo our cage with fleece. I put the boys down for floor tile while I made up the cage, and when I went to put him in it happened.
he landed on his back and immediately cried.
He is gimping and holding his back left foot in the air as he hops. I am heartbroken. It's all my fault.
we have a vet appointment at 9:30am.
should I prepare my son for the possibility of having to put him down?
what can possibly done if it's just a leg break?
is there any medicine I can give him tonight to keep him comfortable til morning? :(

Lily the Cavy
01-18-15, 05:32 pm
Luckily your pig is still young and he will probably just be put in a splint. And long as it is not a terrible fracture then he should be fine. Please continuously update with new information. To help with the pain you can make a homemade splint to last til morning with short sticks and twine or rope. That is what I would recommend.

01-18-15, 05:51 pm
I'd call around to see if there's an after hours vet available. If they can't get you in, at least they might be able to prescribe Metacam for pain. I'd keep him in a smaller area so he's not running around. Leg fractures can usually be set by an exotic vet. I wouldn't mess with it so you don't make it worse than it is.

01-18-15, 09:36 pm

Thanks for your thoughts friends. I was terribly upset and took him in after hours. I'm glad I did. It was expensive and took up my whole night but it needed to happen.

They did an X-ray and it showed his back leg is broken in two places

They said they'd normally recommend surgery or amputation but since he's young and I asked for conservative measures were going to see how he does with a splint and small cage and re evaluate in a few weeks.
So pitiful. Really hurting his self esteem. Lol!

We're so sad this happened but glad that he seems to be ok :]

01-18-15, 09:42 pm
Did they prescribe you metacam? It's for pain and inflammation, and worked wonders with my boy when he had his spinal injury.

He had a spinal injury, and because of that was dragging his back legs around. After a few weeks on metacam (I think it was 3, but it was a while ago) and a VERY small, restricted space, the little guy was back to perfect. He was only 3 weeks old when it happened.

I'm glad you brought your pig in for after hours, and I hope he heals just fine <3

01-18-15, 10:09 pm
Yup we paid for metacam. Expensive but definitely necessary.

How did you confine your piggies space? Wondering what I'm going to do for that

01-18-15, 10:30 pm
I had him an 8 square foot cage before the accident, I cut a cardboard box to size, so that I had to jam it in just a little for it to stay. That way it was nice and snug, and he wasn't able to get around it or knock it down. I don't know how well that would work for an older piggy though, he was only 3 weeks so he was very small when the accident happened. His space was cut down SO much. He literally had one snuggle sac in there to hide in, and his food and water bottle where practically right outside the sack. That's all he had, per vets orders. They wanted him to stay as still as possible, poor baby. Especially because I couldn't handle him either, and he was such a snuggle-bug. This happened literally the night after he was separated from mama (I adopted his mom pregnant, he and his sister's were born in my home). So he went from having his mom and sisters, to having no one, not even me to cuddle.

01-18-15, 11:20 pm

Definition of pitiful. Lol.

How can I encourage him to eat? He's in a very small cage within the c&c so him and his brother can see and smell each other. He ate a carrot on the way to the vet but hasn't eaten or drank since. How long should I give him to get out of shock and get an appetite back?

01-19-15, 12:29 am
He has to eat. They didn't advise you to handled until he eats on his own?!

01-19-15, 03:02 am
No, it was late and the vet had to go right into emergency surgery :[

01-19-15, 03:03 am
I was exhausted and in s blur and didn't think of what to ask

01-19-15, 11:49 am
He has to eat. If he won't eat on his own you'll have to hand feed him, otherwise he could go into GI stasis. Guinea Lynx has great instructions.

01-19-15, 12:03 pm
He's got to eat. Guinea pigs are wired to need food 24 hours a day, and failure to eat can mean a dead pig in a very short time.

See http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html, and start feeding him NOW. If you don't have Critical Care, grind up pellets and make a slurry. Use 1 cc syringes with the tips cut off and smoothed to feed him, and a larger syringe to load the small ones. Some pharmacies will give you the small syringes if you tell them they'll be used to feed a sick animal.

01-19-15, 11:43 pm
Thanks everyone! He is eating and drinking and excreting well! :)

01-20-15, 09:27 am
Good luck and a speedy recovery for the baby.