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01-18-15, 11:37 am
Hey everyone,

New user but long time reader!

I brought my 7 year old guinea pig to the emergency vet last night and he has been diagnosed with a pretty big pneumonia. They are keeping him till tomorrow and have told me over the phone that he is responding well to treatment and eating and drinking well. I'll probably be able to take him home tomorrow evening.

My question is, what is the best thing I can do to make his habitat better for his recovery. He is usually in the living room, a room shared with a Chinchilla ( not in the same cage obviously). I know I have to make sure that my room temperature is warm, that his cage remains dry etc etc but I was wondering if putting him in my room ( where it's obviously more quiet and lonely) will reduce his stress or augment it due to the lack of familiarity to the noise and life going on in the main room?

01-18-15, 06:11 pm
Awrr. nobody?

01-18-15, 06:15 pm
I'd put him where he usually is. You can drape things around the cage to keep him warm if you're worried about him getting chilled.

01-19-15, 10:41 pm
He's back home today. He's responding well to meds and now he's in his hidey house relaxing.
I'm just wondering if the wheel noises from the chinchilla cage are
would in fact be bothersome to him rather than familiar since they are easily startled.
I dont notice him ever being agitated by it, but considering thay
he's got a couple of months to live, Im wondering if im just overthinking things or not..

01-19-15, 10:52 pm
They get used to the noises in their environment. My two aren't at all fazed by barking dogs, rowdy kids, or my husband yelling at the cat. I wouldn't worry about it.

BTW, who's saying he's only got a couple of months to live? I know a bunch of people who have 8, 9, or even 10 year old pigs.

01-19-15, 11:10 pm
Thank you so much. That's mighty reassuring for me. I guess Ill go give the chin his wheel back now...lol :)

Awr. Well sadly the xray not only pointed out pneumonia and water in his lungs but also a lifted trachea. He couldnt tell me if it was a mass of some sort or a cardio problem, I would have to get a cardio scan if I want answers. Th vet didnt want to guarantee more than a few months because of this but we'll see, maybe he'll be lucky and still kick over an extra decent year or two anyways.

Anyways. Two days of treatment and there's improvement already!

01-20-15, 11:08 am
What antibiotic is he on? Often serious pneumonia needs to be treated aggressively with two different ones at the same time. It's good he's recovering.