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01-03-03, 08:57 am
I had a question. How safe are those guinea pig leashes? I like to let Patch and Chester have some outdoor playtime, but I don't always want to use their pen. I want to try the leashes out.

Briana D
01-03-03, 11:16 am
I've never heard anything good about leashes. Guinea pigs can slip out of them way to quickly. I've read many stories about people using leashes and losing their pig.

I say use their pen or make their pen larger so they have more of an area to roam.

I think leashes are sold more to appeal to the humans buying them instead of the guinea pigs that are forced to wear them.

01-04-03, 11:02 am
Just the other day, I bought two leashes for two of my piggies. Both of them slipped out of them and nearly got away. I luckily caught them. I don't reccomend guinea pig leashes at all. Stick with playpens. :)

miss g pig
08-07-03, 06:44 am
my friend bought me two leashes for the guineapigs and they were petrified at first dylan didn't seem to mind then he started bolting round and round wheeking his little head off so I took them off!! I wouldn't try it I don't think they are a good idea anymore!

04-29-04, 03:25 pm
I bought my pig one and it did not work...When I put it on, he was confused and he tried to get it off with his front paw. It kept getting stuck and he did not have fun. He also got out of it but luckily it was in my room so I caught him under my bed!!

Miss Piggy
04-29-04, 07:36 pm
I posted a thread about this not too long ago in the " Accessories" section, and didn't get any positive feedback about them at all. Treen said they were bad for their bodies and harmful, and others said how their GPs hated them and what a waste of money they were. Here it is, if you wanna see yourself ( http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1470)

Hope it Helps

05-23-04, 01:02 am
I've had a lot of luck with the harnesses made for reptiles - http://www.petdiscounters.com/small_animal/reptile/leads/tr_comfort_leash.html

It's perfect for GP's because it doesn't go around their neck (they don't really have a neck so it's easy to wiggle out of the traditional small animal ones) - their front legs go through and it adjusts around the back. If you additionally purchase a very long dog leash to attach, your GP can really run around if he isn't too scared outside. Only one of mine really take advantage of outdoor space - Charlie keeps right next to me the whole time he's munching on the grass. Zorro likes to wander away, then come bounding back!

05-23-04, 07:45 am
I really dont see the point of a leash or a harness.A guinea pig will feel restrainted.Just like those stupid kid restraints.Pointless another product made to make you spend money

05-23-04, 04:12 pm
Disagree. I have a leash/harness for my GP and have liked it. It took a lot of attempts to get it right because, yes they do slip out of them and he would get very upset when he got his leg caught in it. Once I got the hang of fastening it properly it was fine. I never let him unattended with it because he might get loose or tangled. Also, you have to stay close in case a hawk tries to get them.

However, it gives me great peace of mind when we're out an about with him. Plus when we take him to the park, we can let him out of his travel bag. The biggest trick has been teaching my 3 year old that it's not like walking a dog. They don't go where you do, instead you have to follow them around.

If you go out with your GP's a lot I think it can be a great accessory. We take our pigs with us on weekends when we go to the beach or the park, etc.

06-21-04, 12:04 pm
I dont think that leashes or harness are a good idea. I heard that GP dont like restrictions. Also because their spine is curved in a certain way , it could harm them.

06-21-04, 02:42 pm
A play pen is the best. You can just let them do what they want. They don;t have to feel restricted or forced.

08-13-04, 01:27 am
Well, I bought two guinea pig leashes, but when I got home, they did not fit, so I bought a cat harness, which works really well actually. However, I do not recommend you put your guinea pig in one, because mine seem really uncomfortable with them, and some may feel restricted and less likely to roam around. One of mine ends up sitting there doing nothing. So I only use a harness when I take them inside a pet store because leashes are required where I go, though I never use them any where else.

08-23-04, 11:00 am
At my local garden and animal supplier they sold these really nice mesh harnesses, would thoes be okay for guineas if you got them used to them?

08-23-04, 11:26 am
Guinea pigs aren't meant to be on ANY type of leash. Please just use a playpen instead. If you need to take your piggy somewhere, just use a cat carrier or a wicker basket lined with towels or fleece.

Guinea Piggies
09-16-04, 06:21 pm
I think that if someone could actaully tell us if the leash/harness is actually harmful i wouldnt use it...lol that sounded messed...if someone actually has proff that they suck i wanna know. so if anyone actually knows then please tell us cuse i was planning to get one. Weather or not ppl do is up to them... if the pigs like it why not? but i would agree that ppl watch their piggies so they dont slip away.

09-16-04, 06:51 pm
It squishes their internal organs. It violates their sense of freedom. If jerked, it could result in injury or death. They can get out of them anyway. Cavies have very delicate bone structure, and sometimes even what we think is a gentle squeeze could break their bones. I would NEVER try restraining them with anything. I think it is an outrageous concept. They can't learn how to walk on a leash, ever. That's the difference between this and walking dogs and such. I think it is absolutely cruel to do this to them. Is this enough proof, everyone? Or need I give more. I can if you really need it.

Oh, and by the way, just because these are sold doesn't mean they're good. What about all those poison-filled foods, salt licks, and sugary treats?

Guinea Piggies
09-17-04, 08:43 pm
it violates their sense of freedom???? u can read there minds!!! sweet do teach us.

09-18-04, 12:24 pm
I think putting someone down, especially someone with as much experience as mncavylover, is probably not the wisest thing to do. Guinea pigs rarely like to be held, and I doubt they would appreciate something around their midsection restricting their movement. Ever have a dog? Do dogs enjoy running around freely or do they prefer to have a leash around their neck? How about you? Would you rather be able to walk around your house, or be restricted by a leash? I think her point is quite valid.

09-18-04, 12:30 pm
Guinea piggies, that was not needed :( Well put Metallichica

Guinea Piggies
09-18-04, 01:05 pm
that was a joke.... (see the lil cool dude smiley) true the one on what was it 'alone' wasnt but that was when everything was going like wrong for me. sides i already apologised. i gusse we dont have the same sense of humor :S oh well...

Guinea Piggies
09-18-04, 01:06 pm
oh ya why would i bother putting mncavylover down when i asked half that question anyways┬┐?

09-19-04, 08:33 am
Okay, i understand about leashes to guinea pigs, but i want to point out something about leashers for dogs. Dogs need exercise and if a dog is untrained, potentially agressive or if they're a sighthound (okay some exceptions) they should always be on a leash. Not only for the safety of others but for their own safety too. (If you think your dog might not like being on a leash, well i think he'll like being hit by a car a lot less less.) Even in dog run enclosers, a UNTRAINED dog can be a danger to other people's pooches.

Um sorry for that, i'm just a big dog person

09-19-04, 09:43 am
sure, guineasgalore, dogs should be on leashes in public. but if it were up to them, i'm sure theyd like to be without a collar - if it were up to them. i'm not sating that people are mistreating their dogs by putting it on a leash, im just saying that dogs would like it better. its kind of similar to how all kids in america have to go to school until a certain age. if it was up to them, i'm sure some would drop out right after kindergarten. that doesn't mean every parent who forces their child to school is wrong.
Did i make any sense?

09-19-04, 03:00 pm
okay, i gotcha

09-19-04, 06:25 pm
yep, its good to clear things up when there is confusion
(wow! i didnt know my previous post was even understandable! hey, i guess i'm not as bad as i thought!)

09-20-04, 07:53 pm
Ok, I kinda followed everything said. Sorry if I'm a bit behind, but do you guys want any more evidence? Thanks.

09-21-04, 05:33 pm
Guinea pigs rarely like to be held,
Oh i just noticed this, and it think that many of the members here would agree that lots of guinea pigs that are treated humanly love to be held (properly of course). Even if you think your guinea pig doesn't like to be held you should pet or hold him on your lap every day to get him used to you.

09-23-04, 06:07 pm
Sometimes it depends on the personality of the pig. One doesn't care, the other is scared a bit.

10-13-04, 10:56 am
I am new here but felt I had to comment on this thread even though it is fairly old. I have a lot of pigs and more coming every day and I have a shortage of grass, but a park nearby. I use a leash, the type with a little vest and I stand in the park with them. I have not trained my pigs to walk on this, neither do I restrain them. I have been trained to keep up with them. I walk with them not the other way round. One of my pigs first wore this when she was 6 months old, she is now 6 years,and still going strong, which in anyones books is a good age. If these harnesses are used correctly they can be an asset

10-13-04, 11:58 am
Oh i just noticed this, and it think that many of the members here would agree that lots of guinea pigs that are treated humanly love to be held (properly of course). Even if you think your guinea pig doesn't like to be held you should pet or hold him on your lap every day to get him used to you.
Sorry, I meant just holding one hand under their tummy and carrying them, not actually holding them in your lap or something! Lol... should have explained myself better :)

11-18-04, 10:53 am
I bought one for my new puppy william, fits him perficlty... Actually mines a guinea pig harness but i wouldnt use it on my pig. If you want to see pics I have a link to it in my post "new puppy" general chat

11-18-04, 08:54 pm
Poallo, there's no reason you should use these. They just don't fit properly either, and they can easily be jerked if you fall, turn around fast, etc.

11-18-04, 09:01 pm
i agree with mn

12-23-04, 06:05 am
i bought a leash once for my guinea pig and I hate it! first,it slip on easily.Once,I put on the leash and my guinea pig wan wobbling the whole body.When i finally let him out,he refuse to interact with me for 2 weeks.

01-28-05, 04:37 pm
We used to go on holiday a lot with our two guinea pigs in a specially made travelling cage, living in the middle of nowhere made pig-sitting tricky. This did not give them much room for exercise, but as they tended to be walking holidays for us we compromised with a pair of kitten harnesses. They both had several walks every day - mostly you would stand still for a few minutes whilst they ate a dandelion, then go haring off to the next clump of interesting vegetation. Both guineas had very strong personalities and let you know straight away if they didn't like something. They were absolutely fine "on the lead", better than our Old English Sheepdog who came with us too! It was a sight - one Old English and two Peruvians... Seriously, my latest pig, Ophelia, simply wouldn't entertain the idea of the harness, and after one aborive attempt it has been abandoned forever. I think a lot of it boils down to the pig itself, how calm and confident it is - Ophelia is a "nervy" pig - wheres Arnie and Cyril were both very chilled out and would happily try anything.

If the harness is flexible and designed so that the pig can't get out when it is comfortably snug I really don't see how it can harm the pig. Obviously you have to keep the lead slack all the time, which means being VERY alert, but my two wore a harness on a weekly basis for 7 and 6 years respectively with no ill effects at all.

ms. piggie
05-16-05, 12:42 pm
i got 1 4 huck and he won`t let me put it on LOL. he sticks he feet into the neck part
and wont let me put it on. not worth it.:(

08-24-05, 10:00 pm
A play pen is the best. You can just let them do what they want. They don;t have to feel restricted or forced.
Well they are still restricted to the confines of the outside wall :D .