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01-15-15, 04:36 am
Hi, I am picking up to guinea pigs on Saturday as a surprise for my children who have wanted one for ages! I am doing as much research as I can, but was just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice as to what I will need on a day to day basis thanks for reading :)

01-15-15, 07:38 am
I have had my two for around a year so you are already doing something right by getting a pair. I would suggest you have everything ready so when you take them home you can put them in their cage and let them explore. As tempting as it may be, you sort of need to just ignore them for the first day or so. After that, spend some time in the same room talking to them and just watching them so they get comfortable. After five days of having them start hand feeding them and getting them out of the cage for lap time and floor time if you like. As for diet, make sure they always have grass hay(AND alfalfa hay if they are 6 months or younger) available to munch on. Have some good, quality pellets and give them 1/8-1/4 of a cup per day each. Also, you will need some fresh veggies to supplement vitamin C and such. You can view old threads for info on that. If a more experience owner needs to correct me on any of this feel free

01-15-15, 07:39 am
And welcome to the forum!

01-15-15, 09:55 am
Thank you so much :)

01-15-15, 10:07 am
Just don't get sucked into buying a cage that's too small for them. What works with babies will be too small for adults. See the Main tab at the top of this page for recommended cage sizes. Also, don't spend your money on a ton of stuff that a pet store recommends. Igloos only have one entrance, and can be reasons for squabbles. Most treats are unsuitable for guinea pigs -- herbs and bit of fruit are far better for them, not to mention cheaper. No harnesses or leashes. Read the stickies at the tops of the forums for more good ideas, as well as these two sites: http://www.guinealynx.info/healthycavy.html and http://www.guinealynx.info/emergency.html.

01-15-15, 11:57 am
Thank you, all advice appreciated :)

01-15-15, 02:03 pm
Tracy23, welcome to the wonderful world of guinea pigs! We've been waiting for you. lol

A couple things. First, make sure their cage is big enough. Pet store cages are almost always too small. Go with a C&C cage, they're way better (And usually cheaper). As told above, go to the main page to find the correct sizes. If you don't feel like hunting for all of the C&C cage supplies, buy one from this website! That's what we did.

Next, make sure the pellets you get are plain pellets, no fancy seeds, nuts, berries, ect., and with added vitamin C. I have heard Oxbow is a good brand. Also, make sure they have unlimited grass hay (Meadow Hay, Timothy hay, ect.) and approx. 1 cup of leafy greens per pig per day.

If you haven't already reserved them someplace, or something, it is a good idea to adopt from a nearby shelter, if you have one. :)

Third, try to put the guinea pigs and their cage in the living room or some other area where you and your family go often so that everyone can openly interact with them. They are healthiest and happiest indoors.

Lastly, as I'm sure you understand, just remember that guinea pigs can be a lot of money. There's veggies, hay, pellets, vet visits, bedding (If you are using bedding), and so on.

Good luck with your new piggies, and please post pictures! And welcome to the forum. :)