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Little Rascals
01-14-15, 09:09 pm
Yeah, so I'm new to owning guinea pigs. My friend wanted to give them away cause she didn't have the time or the money. One was already mine but stayed with her because I didn't want her to just get one guinea pig because I've read that they get depressed without a playmate. They are both males, and don't have the biggest cage at the moment because my mom says we don't have the space but I'm in the works of convincing her ;)

These are my boys!

Jack, formally known as Tiny but I didn't feel like it suited him. (This is the one my friend bought, it took a lot of patiences and time to get him to trust me <3)

Little Pete (He's a bit on the derpy side but I love him nonetheless.)

I'm guessing they are about 4 months, she had them since November 8 and they were pretty small when we got them. They've grown up but from what I've read they could get bigger.

(Sorry if some pictures turn out sideways)

01-15-15, 05:19 pm
Adorable piggies!!! Great job getting him a friend. Try to adopt in the future, as per store pigs are often missexed, pregnant, or sick. They also come from breeding mills, and are already overpopulated.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to post in the forums or PM a member directly!

01-15-15, 08:18 pm
Hello and welcome!

Feel free to post a thread about your convincing troubles and I'm sure a lot of piggy owners would jump in with great advice! lol As explained above, it is best to adopt guinea pigs from rescues. Thank you SO much for knowing that piggies need a friend! *Applause*

This website and forum has great advice from a lot of experienced guinea pig owners. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Little Rascals
01-17-15, 09:46 am
Thanks and I found that after we bought them. Trust me, after these boys I'm adopting guinea pigs. But I don't regret buying them, they're such sweethearts.

01-17-15, 09:51 am
The piggies are so cute! It took me a bit to convince my parents to get a bigger cage too! I made a powerpoint addressing their problems with a bigger cage and I ended up convincing them with it. If you need extra help convincing them, a powerpoint seems like a really good idea:love:

01-17-15, 09:58 am
Show your parents pictures of lovely big C&C's, and videos on YouTube of piggies being in a big cage for the first time.

I know my pigs love their cage. As soon as they got out of their pet store cage, they all ran around and jumped and popcored all over the place. If you can find a video to show your parents how happy guinea pigs are with space to play, I'm sure they'll consider a bigger cage.

Little Rascals
01-18-15, 08:54 am
Thanks for the idea's, I will definitely use them!