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01-14-15, 08:38 pm
Our favorite guinea pig, RC, has a tumour like growth on his side/belly. It is quite bad and started bleeding yesterday, so today, we took him in to see the vet. We hoped it was an abscess. The vet told us he feels tissue inside and is concerned that it could be either a mammary tumour or a hernia. He wants to operate. Here's the tricky part- he has limited experience with guinea pig surgery, since people don't generally bring their guinea pigs to the vet. So the risk to RC is higher than of he were a dog or a cat. On the other hand, the growth is big and ugly and bleeds off and on and is at least uncomfortable, but I think it might be painful even though RC doesn't show any sign of being in pain. It looks like something that would hurt. What would you do?

01-14-15, 08:42 pm
In the hands of a good vet, surgery for a mammary tumor has a very good prognosis, and is not a terribly invasive surgery. BUT, the crucial thing with any surgery on a guinea pig is the anesthesia. And if this vet doesn't do much guinea pig surgery, I'd be asking for a referral to an exotic surgeon who could do it safely. If you'll post your location (country, state, city, not your actual address), we may be able to help you find someone more experienced who could do it.

01-14-15, 08:52 pm
We are up north.there are exactly 4 vets within a 5 hour drive of us, and none are experienced with small animals. I know because I called and asked once when I had a sick rabbit. So this is the only option we have.

01-15-15, 10:57 am
I'd call again. It's possible that one of the places has since hired a vet experienced with guinea pigs.

Also, do you have an animal shelter in your area? They often use vets for surgeries on small animals. You could call and get their recommendation.

"Up north" isn't very helpful as to your location. If you want help finding a vet, we are willing to give it. All we need is a city, or even the area in your state or province.

01-15-15, 11:56 am
I feel for you! We faced a similar situation with my piggy Borat, who had a congenital jaw defect. I found a specialist who diagnosed it after our regular vet was stumped. A specialist can give you a good idea of the prognosis to help you make the decision. In my case, the vet said Bo would likely have still had poor quality of life so I had him put to sleep. In your case, it sounds like a good specialist might well be able to give RC some more quality time.

01-15-15, 12:09 pm
Kitimat bc, Canada