View Full Version : spurs???

Sara Munroe
01-14-15, 10:43 am
Hi, i am new to this site and had a question about spurs?? I was trimming my 9 month old abby's nails and found a spur on his front foot. I was wondering if there was any safe product i could apply to dry it out further so that it just falls off. I am not comfortable enough to try and attempt to cut it off. :confused:

01-14-15, 11:05 am
I don't think there's too much you can do to make a spur fall off. One of my boys is prone to spurs, and I just keep an eye on them and clip them down a bit when they get too long. They don't bother him.

01-14-15, 01:16 pm
See http://www.guinealynx.info/feet.html.