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01-14-15, 05:55 am
hi there i've just come across this forum and i have two pigs of my own , one is a male he's about 6+ months old I'm thinking and he is dark brown with little bits of black through his fur i also have a female who is most likely 3 months old her name is spice she is light brown with a white strip , both get along really well , the girl is pregnant as I've had two boy guniea pigs in the past and always wanted to try to have little babies but yeah giving it a shot , i usually keep the piggies outside but i really want to get two C&C cages but not sure where to buy them , any suggestions on where to get them cheap?

anyway I'm glad to be here :)


01-14-15, 05:58 am
71805 here is a photo of Spice.

01-14-15, 06:32 am
Adorable! Try not to keep them outside due to predator attacks and extreme temperatures. You can buy a C&C cage using the store on this website, or make your own! There are some great tutorials online, and cost is minimal. You could also buy a Midwest cage, which has acceptable sizes. They're available on Amazon. Welcome to the forum!

01-14-15, 01:57 pm
Welcome! You said you have a male and a female in a cage together? And she's pregnant cause you always wanted little babies? Please don't. Please know we are anti breeding. Especially the mom being so young herself she has a chance of dying or complications as do the pup or pups. Breeding can cause stress on both mom and babies. Also I suggest you remove the males from the cage because she can get pregnant again and that's really stressful. I'm sure bpatters could weigh in if I missed something. Anyway welcome to the forum

01-14-15, 02:18 pm
Welcome to the forum!

You can find info on where to find supplies for C&C cages on this website or you could buy a cage from here. I'm not going to repeat what joys_cavies already said, but please do not take offense in me saying I agree.

01-14-15, 02:32 pm
Welcome! Adorable picture! I'll join the others in asking you not to breed piggies, and if you spend some time on this site, you'll soon learn why (it's in their best interests not to be bred for many reasons, like high mortality rate for mom, overpopulation, etc.). So glad you found the forum, and I'd love to see more pigtures.

01-14-15, 02:37 pm
Hi and welcome! :)

If you're expecting babies, you'll definitely need to get your pigs inside, ASAP (and even if you weren't having babies, still bring the pigs inside, it's much safer for them there)! You can buy premade C&C cages from the cage store on this website, or on Ebay. You can also make your own. If you do that, you'll need grids that are 9x9, and coroplast. The grids can be bought practically anywhere, and the coroplast can either be bought at Home Depot or sign shops. If you buy from Home Depot, order online and choose to pick up in store, because some stores don't carry it in stock!

Cage store;
Make sure you take a good look through everything! You can also just buy the coroplast base through the store, and buy your own grids at a store near you if you think that's cheaper.

http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR10.TRC0.A0.H0.Xc%26c +cage&_nkw=c%26c+cage&_sacat=0


You're going to need two cages (which you've already said), one for boys and one for girls. Hopefully Spice has at least one girl and one boy, so both mom and dad can have a friend.

Make sure your male pig and Spice are separated. If he is still with her when she gives birth, he will get her pregnant immediately which is extremely dangerous for spice (back to back pregnancies are a BIG no-no).

Babies are a lot of work and money, and carry a large risk.
Be prepared to lose either Spice or the babies. It's not uncommon. You're going to need a cavy-savvy exotics vet on call, and have one that has emergency hours too, incase she experiences any complications.

Mom should already be on a high calcium diet because she is so young, but just incase you don't know this (not saying you don't!), I'm going to explain this.
Pigs under 6 months old (and nursing sows) need to be given extra calcium. This can be done in 1 of 3 ways.
1) Supplement alfalfa hay with your normal long strand grass hay (1/3 alfalfa to 2/3 grass hay)
2) Give alfalfa based pellets instead of timothy based pellets **baby pigs need unlimited pellets
3) Give vegetables high in calcium (a few strings of parsley every day will do the trick!)

Now, I hope you understood how expensive babies are before you put your male and female together. Obviously, you're going to need to buy larger cages, which you already accounted for. Those are pricey in themselves.

Also, feeding needs. You most likely already know this, but each day every pig needs:
*Unlimited long strand grass hay
*1 cup of pig safe vegetables
*High quality pellets (1/8 for adults, unlimited for babies).
This is PER pig. It's not uncommon for pigs to have 4 or more babies. You may only have 1-2, you may have 4-5 (or more, but that's not as likely). You won't know until they're born! But I'm going to go with 4 for my example, because that's how many pups my girl had (I adopted her already pregnant). 4 pups + mom + dad = 6 pigs. That is unlimited hay for six pigs, 6 cups of vegetables daily, and nearly 1 cup of pellets (once they're adults, remember, unlimited for babies) every single day. That is A LOT of food, and it costs a lot of money to buy that food.

Plus, vet expenses. Which is a whole 'nother ballgame.

Anyways, what's done is done. You have a pregnant guinea pig. Now all you can do is give mom, dad and babies the best care. For the future, do know that this forum does not condone breeding, though.

ETA: Baby boys need to be separated from mom at 3 weeks.

And Spice is adorable!

01-14-15, 05:31 pm
Hi and welcome! You can find/buy C&C cage supplies on this site, or other places. I got my coroplast at Home Depot, and my grids at Bed Bath and Beyond. The total cost was about $34. As others have said, this is an anti-breeding site. AmberCalzone covered most of it, so I'm not going into detail. We will help you if you have any baby (or other) questions, though and you won't get kicked off the site for breeding. Good luck with the babies, though. :)

01-14-15, 08:04 pm
Please don't breed your pigs in the future! It's very dangerous for the mother, who has a 1 in 5 chance of dying during the pregnancy. Even if she's OK, her lifespan will be shortened from carrying the pups.

Not to mention, there are already thousands of piggies being euthanized at shelters because of overpopulation.

You have already been given lots of information about pups, pregnancy, and pigs in general, so I won't elaborate.