View Full Version : C&C Cages article up on YLM!

10-11-05, 01:21 pm

The senior ed made one goof trying to add a caption to the graphics page...

But this is on a widely read online magazine:) After October, this will go to archives.

This was fun to do and when my daughter is older and gets her own piggies, I will build one for her as well!

10-11-05, 01:52 pm
Awesome I enjoyed reading the article and this will definitley help expose the small store bought cages.

10-11-05, 05:43 pm
:goodvibes I just read the article very nice and informative. Congrats on making your first C&C cage. Your piggies will surely enjoy it!!

10-12-05, 10:47 am
Very nice article. Maybe it will make cavy owners realize that space really is an issue and that cavies are happier in larger cage environments.

10-13-05, 10:25 am
Hmmm... I have to email the Ed. I just reread and realized that things in quotes when she inserted the article lost the second quote mark. Wonder if there is a glitch with how things are sending... I will check the other articles and see if this occurred with any of them. The Sr Editor had a massive crash of the main system and has a lot of trouble getting Oct on line. Wonder if this did it?

I am working on a couple other cavy issue (or cavy mention) articles for next year. One is on enrichment of cages (and the pics in the article were after the cage was made and before I added more toys).