View Full Version : Eyes/Non-crusty Red, swollen eyelid?

01-12-15, 12:02 am
Hi guys. I noticed this on Maggie's eye tonight, and I was wondering if anyone knew what it might be? When she looks up at me or looks to the opposite side, a sort of swollen puffy part of what looks like her eyelid comes out. When she's looking straight or looking down, it disappears back under her lid.

01-12-15, 07:47 am
Looks like a bit of conjunctival tissue. I'd just keep an eye on it. If it appears painful, or if it's red and inflamed (I can't tell from the picture), then you might want to see your vet for some antibiotic eye ointment.

01-12-15, 01:05 pm
Okay, thank you!