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01-11-15, 06:05 pm
I have an approximate 3 month old baby pig. We noticed a lump under her chin on her throat area. We have a vet appointment for tomorrow, didn't think it was big enough to pop yet so left her in the cage with the other 3 pigs. Just noticed it popped. Don't know when this weekend.
I have removed her from the other 3 and put her in a separate cage. My questions are:
What do I sanitize the cage with bleach/water or vinegar and water?
Does she have to be keep in a completely separate room?
Will the other three pig most definitley get it if the vet says it is CL?

01-11-15, 06:15 pm
There's a lot of information here: http://www.guinealynx.info/lumps.html

01-11-15, 06:19 pm
bpatters, I've read all the info I can find on this site and others. It doesn't really answer my questions, what to sanitize with, what to do with all the wooden toys and items, do I need to bath all the pigs?

01-11-15, 06:25 pm
Alright, pardon my ignorance, but what is CL?

01-11-15, 06:27 pm
Alright, pardon my ignorance, but what is CL?

It stands for Cervical Lymphadenitis. I don't know a ton about it, but it manifests as lumps on the chin (I think it's always the chin), and is very contagious. Here's a GL thread with some info: http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?p=160439

01-11-15, 06:36 pm
Where did you get the 3 month old? If it does turn out to be CL, I'd let them know if case they have others that might have it or were exposed.

01-11-15, 06:38 pm
I think the other pigs have already been thoroughly exposed, so isolating the pig may not do anything. If it were me, I wouldn't bathe them because of the possibility of getting the organism into their ears, noses, reproductive tracts, etc. And I'd clean with vinegar and water.

But this is from a paper from Iowa State:

Streptococci are readily killed by detergents and
common disinfectants. Effective disinfectants for
Streptococcus spp. include 1% sodium hypochlorite, 70%
ethanol, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and iodine-based

01-11-15, 06:39 pm
Unfortunately she came from a pet store. Right know I just need to know how to disinfect their cage and them. I will let them know but I doubt it will matter to them.

01-11-15, 06:40 pm
bpatters, thank you! Will the other three pigs definitely get it?

01-11-15, 06:44 pm
No, they won't definitely get it. They might, they might not. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait and see.
foggycreekcavy may want to weigh in on the separation. I tend to avoid recommending separation for illnesses, since the cage mate has already been exposed, but others may feel differently.

01-11-15, 06:46 pm
Thats is also what I trying to weight. Would separation do more harm to her with stress and having to reintroduce them, then it would just to leave them together.

01-11-15, 09:26 pm
I wouldn't separate them.

01-11-15, 10:08 pm
I wouldn't separate them.
Thank you for your reply

01-15-15, 05:37 pm
I went to an exotic vet today. My 3 mouth old baby had lump under her chin. Diagnosed with CL.
it had alread burst. Vet gave me three options.
1) strong antibiotic for 14 days re evaluate then along with a topical cream
2) lance, drain flush
3) surgery for removal of lymph node
I chose to try antibiotics, least invasive option first.
has anyone successfully treated CL with antibiotics alone?
she said 50/50 chance antibiotics alone would take care of it.

01-15-15, 06:02 pm
I can't remember more than just a few of the pigs I've read about that got better with antibiotics alone. At a minimum, most required draining and flushing, if not surgery.

Do watch carefully to make sure the AB doesn't make her stop eating, and be prepared to handfeed if necessary. If she develops full-out diarrhea, stop the antibiotic and go to plan B.

Let us know how she gets along.

01-15-15, 07:32 pm
I agree with bpatters in that most pigs don't recover with antibiotics alone. I haven't had experience with specifically CL, but I have dealt with plenty of abscesses.

01-15-15, 09:04 pm
We've treated several cases of CL. In each case, our vet put drains in and we flushed a couple times daily. We also gave antibiotics. It took a long time to clear up.

Our vet vet doesn't like to do surgery to remove it because of the risk introducing bacteria to the body during surgery. We got all of the piggies through the CL successfully, bit I remember it taking a couple months.

Good luck.