View Full Version : 5 Incredibly intelligent species

01-11-15, 08:19 am
Pig is one among the five most incredibly intelligent animals on earth.
When on once if I were called out names by pig, I did not get sick on that, as I don't even remember who,
but researched on incredibly intelligent animals... to find out more on pigs too... that's how to paste here.lol

As per Zodiac Sun sign is Aquarian, Indian is Libra, Chinese is Tiger, Vedic unsure. Have no pets except that I bred an ant first, few dogs next, and now feed little birds (uncaged) such as flinch, sparrows etc., and love them to get happy, healthy and play around... their early morning chirps woke me with a smile and happy to see them build nest within a short space they get in the apartment culture. During morning walks loved to see scores of such variety of tiny little birds sit on a row and play around on the top set cables.... happy to see scores of such variety of sparrows, ducklings, pigeons and storks storming on the sky and making routine for a daily living. Live near a small lake and with many birds at times.... been ornithologist. Love these birds such as all... all birds to be free, not caged and free to move on their territories, huge sky as fast and as in groups they can. Lovely sight indeed.