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01-11-15, 03:58 am
Hi everyone. My piggy Hershey is a 5-month-old male.
2 nights ago we noticed he was sitting in the corner of his cage, barely moving, and not eating.
Yesterday morning, we took him to the vet who diagnosed him with URI and prescribed Baytril (antibiotics). They also injected him with fluids and vitamin c, since he had been so weak from not eating by himself.
The vet told us he has a 50/50 chance of survival, and that the first 48 hours are crucial.

After we took him home from the vet, we have been trying to feed him Oxbow Critical Care Fine Grind through a syringe, and have been successful in at least getting some down. He doesn't really cooperate and spits most of it back out. We've also been giving him water through a syringe, which he takes better.

Last night, we thought Hershey wasn't going to make it through the night. His wheezing got worse, and he was continually twitching in a very painful way. This began around 11 pm and continued through the night.
We were honestly surprised he lived, since he seemed to be in so much pain and suffering.

This morning, we gave him 0.25 mL of Baytril (once a day as prescribed by the vet)- and he seemed fine. We periodically fed him both the Critical Care and water.

Despite doing all of this, though, Hershey really seems to still be suffering. He cannot move at all, as his body is very weak. When we put him in his cage, he rolls over on his side and stays that way until we move him into an upright position. His wheezing has gotten less, and so have his sniffles, but his heart is still beating really fast.

After we decided to feed Hershey the last time before bed, I came to his cage to see that his paws and feet were uncontrollably vibrating as the rest of his body lay still. He also seemed to have been drooling from his mouth. I freaked out, and tried repositioning his body to make him more comfortable. Now, he doesn't seem to be twitching and vibrating anymore, but I'm extremely worried he won't make it through the night.

I am trying to calm him down by petting him and talking to him, but I don't know how much it actually helps.

Could the vibrating and twitching have been a stroke or seizure? It concerns me that both incidences occurred at nighttime after his final feeding.

I really do hope to see improvement in him by the morning, as it will have been 2 days since the vet visit by then.
Does anyone have any suggestions on making Hershey's recovery more comfortable and less painful for him?
Do you think the twitching is a bad reaction to the Baytril? Or is he just in pain

Any and all suggestions are appreciated
Thank you

01-11-15, 08:27 am
I'm sorry your pig is so ill.

See http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html for instructions on hand feeding. It's absolutely crucial that you feed him and that he eats it. If he spits it out, you're not getting it far enough back into his mouth for him to swallow it. You have to deposit it right by his back teeth.

Food is not optional for a guinea pig -- they must have it moving through their guts at all times, or they'll die. That link tells you how to get it back to his teeth and to know when he's chewing and swallowing. If he's eating nothing else, he needs 50-60 cc of Critical Care per day, divided into 5-6 servings around the clock, just to maintain life.

It's hard to know what the twitching is -- could be illness, could be a stroke.

01-11-15, 10:55 am
bpatters Thank you for your response. Hershey made it through the night, which we are so very thankful for.
I will definitely follow the instructions for feeding that you provided. I hope it helps get his strength back.
Thank you

01-11-15, 11:27 am
Update: we just gave him his daily dose of antibiotics, and his arms and legs started vibrating again...

01-11-15, 12:55 pm
It's possible his URI is much worse than thought, or it could have developed into pneumonia. Unfortunately, this can be very hard to cure. Sometimes more than just one antibiotic is needed.

It sounds, though, like he might be too far gone. He may do better with some subcue fluids from the vet. Has he been drinking at all?

01-11-15, 01:42 pm
He drinks the water we give him through the syringe. The food, however, he's still not taking. He's not even making an attempt at chewing, no matter how far back we push the syringe.

01-11-15, 09:28 pm
Perhaps try to add some baby food to the mix to entice him to eat. I usually don't recommend it, but it's imperative that you get food into him.

I think he needs to see the vet right away.

01-13-15, 06:50 am
Was a probiotic prescribed along with the Baytril?