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01-10-15, 11:23 pm
My name is Taylor. My partner and I adopted our pig Fiona in November. She is pregnant so we are preparing for baby pig(s) within the next couple weeks! We built her a 2X4 foot cage with a wood base and shelving sides, and are working on attaching the pet store cage she came in as a kitchen. I love browsing this forum and seeing what everyone is doing to give their guinea pigs a happy home :)

01-10-15, 11:31 pm
Welcome to the forum!

01-11-15, 12:19 am
Welcome! Be sure to baby proof the cage!

01-11-15, 08:37 am

I hope your guinea pig turns out okay. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

01-11-15, 08:59 am
Welcome to the forum :) I'd love to see photos of Fiona and your cage!