View Full Version : HELP! Wanting to find guinea pigs in West Tennessee Area

01-10-15, 10:28 pm
In West Tennessee there are no shelters or available adoptions that I can find. I am desperately searching for someone who has info on where I can purchase in the West Tenn Area. Thanks in advance

01-10-15, 10:46 pm
What's the nearest large city to you?

Have you tried www.guineapigzone.com? Or Petfinder.com? Craigslist? Kijiji?

We really don't recommend purchasing pigs from pet stores. They're often ill, missexed or pregnant, and are bred and raised in horrible conditions.

01-10-15, 11:06 pm
I have checked all of those :( We are in between Memphis and Nashville. If you know any in those cities please let me know, thank you

01-10-15, 11:16 pm
There's a rescue in Franklin. That may be bit far from where you are but they may be able to meet you halfway. http://www.cloverpatchsanctuary.com/Adopt-A-Guinea-Pig.html

If that doesn't work out, just keep checking the sites bpatters mentioned. Guinea pigs pop up there all of the time, you just have to be patient.

01-10-15, 11:24 pm
Thanks! I will keep checking them out. I was hoping someone had info on breeders also.

01-10-15, 11:30 pm
Sorry, we don't recommend breeders, either.

01-10-15, 11:33 pm
I understand~ Just wanting a piggie. We will keep checking the above sites. Thank You

01-10-15, 11:35 pm
If you can find any rescue around you, contact them even if they're not particularly close. Most rescues are just a group of foster homes with someone doing the central record keeping, and they might have homes in your area. They'll also sometimes meet you halfway, or help you arrange a piggy train.