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01-10-15, 08:54 pm
Hello everyone. A few hours ago I've noticed my Anna making little crackle sounds. You know when you have a sore throat and you breathe but the air comes out a bit crackled? Well, I know it's URI related. Anna doesn't get sick very often as my girls don't either. I do however want to know what Orbax (Orbifloxacin) is used for. She had a little congestion back in early october which was quickly taken care of and she has since been perfectly fine. I remember the doctor mentioned bactrim not being an option but gave her this instead. I have a LARGE amount left of it which expires in 2016. Anna still weighs nearly the same so I assume giving her the dose listed would be fine. But like I hinted, what is Orbax mainly used for? I understand bactrim is given to younger piggies and effective for UTI. I've googled it but gotten mixed results. Yuna was given Orbax before she died. I read somewhere that orbax is mostly for abscess wounds or cysts.

01-10-15, 09:03 pm
It's a broad spectrum antibiotic that is used for bacterial infections in soft tissue and urinary tract infections. Guinea pigs have been known to be intolerant of it, so watch your pig carefully if you decide to give it.

01-10-15, 09:09 pm
The last thing I'd ever want to do is give my girls something that would make their condition worse. I've always wondered though about it on why she was given orbax for congestion. Although at that specific time she did respond well to it and eventually got better in a matter of a few days. I did continue to give it to her for 2 weeks like the vet mentioned to avoid anything coming back.

01-11-15, 01:07 pm
If it were me, I'd go ahead and start giving it to her, but tomorrow call and get a vet appointment. URIs can become very serious, very quickly.