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03-22-03, 09:06 am
We will be flea bombing the house and all the animals need to be outside for 24 -48 hours. We (the humans) will be living in a tent, the dogs in the backyard and the cats in the backyard. We have a wooden hutch outside for the cavies for warm days, but it is only the first days of Spring here in Ohio and the temperature is only in the 30's and high 40's. They cage is weather proof on one side with a built in house and will have hay in the house part. The front side has a 10" high screen wall the back side is wooden it has a wire top , which will be covered with wood so it doesn't rain inside and the other end is wood, it is also 5 feet off the ground. I will have 8 cavies in there to keep eachother warm.
Will this be OK for a few days ?

miss g pig
08-07-03, 06:46 am
yes this should be fine for a few days. As long as there isn't too much rain or wind.

05-01-04, 04:39 pm
Why don't you use Advantage on everyone (the pets)? It treats the environment, is effective, safe, not toxic (like the flea bombs and sprays are), and easy. Once dose per month treats each animal and the environment self treats.